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  • Surviving Metro 2033


    Metro: Last Light is around the corner so I thought I'd finally post my initial impressions of the first game in this fledgling but promising series. Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic first person shooter set in Moscow amid a nuclear scarred surface... More
  • The Peculiar Charms of a Dead Island


    Some video games are so fun to play that their technical glitches become less glaring or even part of the overall enjoyment. Techland's Dead Island series includes such games, and Riptide is no exception. Indeed, the otherwise impressive presentation... More
  • If a Zombie Has Warts, Would You Notice?

    6 3

    I'm a big fan of Dead Island, warts and all. The well-conceived zombie apocalypse, impressive open world, satisfying melee combat, diverse custom arsenal and effective drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay overcame considerable technical glitches to secure... More
  • Screenshots for Dummies (Like Me)

    9 3

    I am a decent screenshotographer. I should know, I made up that ridiculous, pretentious label. But don't take my word for it, ask the voices in my head (seriously, voices, you're embarassing me!). Anyway, I've been asked about my screenshots... More
  • Under the Columbia Big Top

    4 1

    The circus has come to town if Irrational Games has anything to say about it. With a high wire act, balloons, magic, pyrotechnics and a freak show, Columbia resembles less an exemplary bastion of Americana than a cavalcade of weird -- albeit entertaining... More
  • The Silence Is Deafening

    15 2

    There is a nascent movement in our industry led by a few brave women who have my admiration and respect. That is in stark contrast to their male counterparts who, for the most part, have remained conspicuously silent. I'm not talking about the rank... More
  • A Glimpse of the Infinite in the New BioShock


    BioShock ranks among the top two or three games I've ever played, so my anticipation for Irrational Games' newest entry in the franchise was high. I therefore intend to document my journey through Columbia, the setting for BioShock Infinite, like... More
  • Charting Lara's Past, Present & Future

    10 1

    The more I play Tomb Raider, the more I notice two things: Where it can be perfected, and how it's a nearly perfect homage to the original game. Admittedly still early in my play through, at a little over 15% complete, I think it's a pretty safe... More
  • Mojomonkey12 Is Pod People & Other Tales From the Alien Invasion

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    A funny thing happened on the way to the alien invasion. This strategy game neophyte ended up enjoying my extraterrestrial visitation in the form of Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Whether playing the solo campaign or online in competitive multiplayer... More
  • Reimagining Lara Croft


    Lara Croft is a beloved icon in the world of entertainment, though more for what she represents to the medium than any other element of her legacy. But the sense of exploration and adventure that her exploits redefined have since been eclipsed, leaving... More
  • A Cat-and-Mouse Alternative to Run-and-Gun

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    When trying to convince a friend to play Sniper Elite V2 , he worried that the game would be too slow. Ironically I consider that its greatest strength. The tactical gameplay rewards a more cautious approach than is common to many first person shooters... More
  • Will Playstation 4 Kill the Single Player Experience?

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    "The report of my death was an exaggeration," Mark Twain once famously quipped. If single-player games could speak, one would expect a similar remark. The long-prophesied demise of this once dominant gaming mode most often has been attributed... More