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  • Guardrails Off the Beaten Path

    A peculiar thing happened on my way to the finale of The Last of Us, and is yet another example of the on and off debate about narrative and decision-making in video games. I'll avoid overt spoilers when discussing specific titles. At one point Joel's... More
  • Back to the Future: Last Gen Virtual Reality


    When you get to be my age, most things provoke a sense of deju vu. Take the current news about virtual reality. I've been excited for the technology since I first tried it out -- 15 years ago! I have a child in middle school now who wasn't even... More
  • A Love Letter to Virtual Allies


    We don't fall in love with video game companions, especially those we're not meant to develop strong feelings for. Sure, a strong narrative and character development can evoke our sympathy and even sentimental affection. But gamers would be forgiven... More
  • Generation Gap


    In some ways I've become a slave to my phlogs, so have chosen to return to writing a more analytical piece about a subject that is impacting and will impact all our lives: Obsolescence. The definition is "the state of becoming old-fashioned and... More
  • Stan Lee's Comikaze

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    My day at Stan Lee's Comikaze included a Grand Theft Auto 5 cast panel discussion, meeting gifted artist John Chalfant, gawking at Stan Lee's Mega Museum and sightseeing the many vendor booths and cosplayers. I'm surprised I found out about... More
  • Lost in Los Santos: A GTA Journal, Parts III & IV

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    I recently explored more of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V, including new areas, a few of the many side missions, some personal activities, a stunt or two and varied transportation including a blimp. The one thing most of my experiences had in common... More
  • Lost in Los Santos: A GTA Journal, Part II


    My second session with Grand Theft Auto V played more like something Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass co-conspirators might have attempted had they been born into Los Santos. And had they been as unimaginative and cowardly as my virtual self. Dump trucks... More
  • Lost in Los Santos: A GTA Journal, Part I


    I've decided to chronicle my misadventures in the Grand Theft Auto V world of Los Santos in much the same way I recorded my indelicate traipsing through the Elder Scrolls land of Skyrim. Only these hopefully will be more bite-sized. Last night I only... More
  • Arcania: The Complete Tale -- A Review of My First 20 Hours

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    Arcania: The Complete Tale is an incomplete game, whether by design or lack of polish, and in spite of including the original Gothic 4 game and Fall of Setarrif expansion. Indeed, Spellbound Entertainment has packed a lot into this title, but the whole... More
  • The Last of Us and Child Catalysts


    The Last of Us can make me uneasy, not only because of the subject matter, but also at times due to the underlying catalyst for much of the action that transpires. Indeed, the strength of this game from the very beginning also is a potential weakness... More
  • The Last of Us and Devotion to Craft

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    I do not get emotional over video games. That is not a boast; I don't take pride in it. It's just a fact. So imagine my surprise when Naughty Dog's The Last of Us upset me to the verge of tears. No, not due to its ending. I speak of the game's... More
  • My E3: TAKEDOWN, Saints Row IV, The Elder Scrolls Online & More


    My third day at E3 was my most anticipated by virtue of hands-on time with two of my favorite franchises. But I also was treated to demos of other titles that frankly have piqued my interest. First up was TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre , a first-person tactical... More
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