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  • Managing Blog Herding and community playdates, and freelancing about video games and craft beer! on 27 Apr 2015 1:32 PM
  • Time for some Sun bro-ing. on 4 Apr 2015 4:19 PM
  • STAR WARS!!!! on 16 Apr 2015 11:32 PM
  • Meh, gotta find a way to make the Poll this Friday for the week vote.  So not looking forward to the driving this weekend. on 21 May 2015 12:20 AM
  • Do you guys hear that? It`s the beautiful sound of Square trying to make Final Fantasy XV a good RPG. on 18 May 2015 7:03 PM
  • I started Life is Strange-Episode 3: Chaos Theory. I like it so far. on 22 May 2015 12:12 AM
  • PSA: Remember to talk to the cat next to your treasure chest for dlc. on 6 Mar 2015 7:02 PM
  • people mobas are not that difficult orz on 15 May 2015 8:37 AM
  • I wanna be a mongoose! on 13 May 2015 9:18 AM
  • I hate you, Super Meat Boy. You drive me insane. And yet...I can't stay away. on 7 May 2015 1:45 PM
  • Well somehow I made it to the semis.  gulp on 20 May 2015 10:40 PM
  • Found an awesome website to manage backlog and gaming library! on 9 Jan 2015 6:07 PM
  • Two of my brothers and I (One of those brothers being Demon) have to farm sit for my uncle on Sunday, we're gonna be gone for about a week. I might bring my laptop, I don't know yet..... So yeaaaah.... on 22 May 2015 4:59 PM
  • It's 3am in the morning and that Eminem song comes to mind. I ate Kung Pao Shrimp around 8pm then crashed. I woke up to find I'm still in a nightmare. Now where did I put those pills? on 1 May 2015 5:12 AM
  • Allrighty, its time to stop being lazy and retake my blog by storm!!!! I HATH RETURNED GI FOWARD FOR AGV 2015! on 25 Dec 2014 7:17 PM
  • Don't Starve:  Giant's Edition is coming to Wii U next Thursday.  You all know what you must do. on 18 May 2015 10:44 PM
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