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  • 4 wins down, 12 more to go.  Round 2 against the Caps will be nothing short of epic.  LET'S GO PENS!!! on 24 Apr 2016 10:03 PM
  • on 19 Apr 2016 2:04 PM
  • Is Squenix gaining back some imagination? Won't get to play the demo til I'm off on Saturday, but it seems like an interesting off shoot of FFXV on 31 Mar 2016 2:48 PM
  • All I eat now is Almond Butter, protein, meat, and eggs. Hopefully it will be worth it by May 27th. Finished school so I am buying a video-game to celebrate. on 27 Apr 2016 11:27 AM
  • Got the New 3DS XL for two/three weeks now totally fun and I'm so abandoned my poor ps3 feel so bad XD. But actually there's exciting things gonna happen this year I'm super excited things gonna be different this year :3 Gonna try to get a Zelda adventure pouch so my 3DS can have a safe place to be >.< on 24 Jan 2016 12:28 AM
  • Excuse my long absence, I was pretty busy with my own personal life, one of those is making big changes to my habits. on 26 Jun 2015 12:18 AM
  • It's the amazing gaming month of May!!! Time to call in sick everyday! Pffffffthahahahahahahha. Nah. I need to get paid. :( on 2 May 2016 12:28 PM
  • Happy Easter 🐰 on 27 Mar 2016 6:40 AM
  • I started watching Samurai Champloo. It's actually really good! Even though the show was taken off of Netflix and I didn't finish it, but it was fun watching it! Curse you... Netflix... Curse you... on 2 May 2016 12:51 PM
  • RiP Silent Hills on 27 Apr 2015 11:07 AM
  • Teams! Teams with names and banners! on 29 Apr 2016 12:24 PM
  • I'm going to my first ever dance tomorrow! on 21 Apr 2016 11:26 AM
  • Thank GOD Captain America: Civil War is getting fantastic reviews. I'm so hyped for this movie. on 16 Apr 2016 4:36 PM
  • hotel transylvania was so CUTE! on 19 Oct 2015 3:55 PM
  • anyone a fan of folk punk? bc that's what i do now on 28 Mar 2016 5:28 PM
  • New Games > Remasters, Remakes, and Collections on 3 Mar 2016 1:43 PM
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