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  • I have my Halloween costume set for this year. I am gonna buy N7 sneakers, Hoodie, short, sweatshirt, and lounge pants and go as "lounge Shepard" on 10 Jul 2014 12:41 PM
  • My sister's cat has arrived in all her feline prowess. Fur, snot, and general hissy fits abound in our household. Pic of the furry beast coming soon. on 7 Jul 2014 11:20 PM
  • I'. gonna grill this trout just like a boy scout, we say fish fillets and bacon strips. on 3 Jul 2013 10:17 AM
  • This funny. on 23 Jun 2014 7:36 PM
  • I beat Devil May Cry! Now It's time for me to play Bloody Ninja's favorite game: DMC2. He keeps bugging me about it. on 12 Jul 2014 11:44 AM
  • I'm an official rapper now !!! Imma post some videos of like rap battles and me rapping on 9 Jul 2014 8:33 PM
  • TQ: How would you survive a zombie outbreak? Let’s say... you woke up one morning and found out that your neighborhood is full of zombies. The zombie outbreak will disappear in 1 month and there are other people who are not zombies. What would you do to survive? My Answer: The first thing I would do is get a backpack and stuff it full of stuff I would need. Then I would go searching for survivors by raiding supermarkets and stuff. I would beat up the zombies by using baseball bats. How about you? on 11 Jul 2014 12:01 AM
  • How to be romantic in Minecraft: Step 1. Help best friend dig up tons of diamonds. Step 2. Murder best friend and take the diamonds. Step 3. Give diamonds to the girl playing with you. The end. That's how you do it, right, Carson? XD on 11 Jul 2014 9:56 PM
  • 11 on 12 Jul 2014 7:51 AM
  • I'm 80% sure I saw 50 Cent at Wal Mart today. It could have been a microwave, but I'm pretty sure it was him. on 15 Jan 2014 5:57 PM
  • Nintendo is live streaming a new challenger announcement for Smash Bros. on Monday at 10 AM EST, and I'm thinking it's either Wonder Red or Bayonetta. I've also finally made it to the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess! on 11 Jul 2014 12:01 PM
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