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  • If I were to pick a Monster I personified, I would definitely say the Tetsucabra.  Short, giant head, fullback-like physique...Now, if you asked me which Monster I WISH I personified, it'd be the Deviljho.  Nobody f*cks with the Deviljho. on 3 Jul 2015 11:14 AM
  • Managing Blog Herding and community playdates, and freelancing about video games and craft beer! on 27 Apr 2015 1:32 PM
  • My brain has been destroyed by Evangelion... why are we here? on 24 Jun 2015 4:20 PM
  • I can't wait 'til Final Fantasy XV comes out now: on 27 Mar 2015 2:58 PM
  • I'. gonna grill this trout just like a boy scout, we say fish fillets and bacon strips. on 3 Jul 2013 10:17 AM
  • *gets urge to play Splatoon* I wanna play Splatoon. *goes to play and see's brother on the Xbox* Dang it my brothers on the Xbox. *gets on laptop to play Minecraft and remembers Splatoon in Minecraft* HEY! isn't there a Splatoon in Minecraft? *finds a surver with Splatoon* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! Playing Splatoon on Minecraft is sooooo cool, and yet so weird. on 28 Jun 2015 10:11 PM
  • "sometimes i wonder if it's worth always wearing black as i suffer under the sweltering summer sun and feel like melting. the answer is yes." on 2 Jul 2015 3:21 PM
  • Going on a ride along with my dad Saturday ( he is a cop) so yeah that's cool on 29 Apr 2015 5:08 PM
  • So my hype for Uncharted 4 pretty much crashed through the ceiling when I saw the extended gameplay demo of it. Trailer that caused my jaw to drop: And lemme ask a question: Is ANYONE even hyped and excited for the next Assassins Creed game? I’m a guy who can see hype and understand to games… even to games I wouldn’t normally play. Heck, I understand the hype behind Halo 5. But AC: Syndicate? I don’t see any hype for that game. I don’t see anyone mentioning that game at all. It was at E3 but it was like no one cared. I’m not attacking the series at all. AC: Black Flag was hecka fun! I just think the series is at a crucial point where it needs a huge drastic change to bring excitement. And one more thing, my Spidey-Sense has been tingling. There’s a HIDDEN GEM among the western games that’s gonna be coming in the upcoming months. Can you guess what it is? MAD MAX will be a hidden gem. My instincts are telling me that game is gonna blow people’s minds when they play it. It won’t be MGS: PP's caliber of amazing but it will impress regardless. on 2 Jul 2015 11:25 PM
  • Well, guys... It's been fun. But I'm leaving. I just don't have as much time as I used to for this site. on 1 Jul 2015 2:25 PM
  • Am I the only one who's going to play The Phantom Pain mostly at night? on 22 Jun 2015 2:32 PM
  • I'm 80% sure I saw 50 Cent at Wal Mart today. It could have been a microwave, but I'm pretty sure it was him. on 15 Jan 2014 5:57 PM
  • I'm $53 short of being able to pre-order the Halo 5 Limited Edition! on 27 Jun 2015 8:23 PM
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