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  • My 2018 Gaming Resolutions


    Stop Buying So Many Games

    It's now 2018 and I've set (or reset) my goals for the upcoming year, including my video game aspirations. The new year has so far included it's challenges but I remain hopeful. Stop Buying So Many Games At this point, I own nearly every game... More
  • In 2017 Naughty Dog Invited Us All Into Uncharted

    I am new to Uncharted.

    I am new to Uncharted. I didn't own a Playstation 3. This past summer I received a Playstation 4 as a birthday gift and my first game was Uncharted 4. While the references to the franchise's history zoomed past me, I quickly understood the series'... More
  • Gaming Adventures Are Coming In 2017


    2017 is barreling towards us and I personally can't leave 2016 behind fast enough. Yet, 2016 brought us games aplenty that are keeping us playing into next year. On top of the games, there are a few 2016 gaming announcements and trends that I'm... More
  • Where Did All Of These Games Come From?

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    Thanksgiving and Black Friday has come and gone. The Black Friday sales quickly became a parade of games that I recently purchased at prices even cheaper than my 20% discount on new games at Amazon or Best Buy. For example, my beloved Dishonored 2 Collector's... More
  • Fall 2016 Cannot Come Fast Enough


    The past year (and the previous couple of years) have been a rough adventure in being an adult with no extra lives, restarts, or previous saves. With what is hopefully the worst of the adventures in adulthood (nearly) over, I'm ready to both be a... More
  • A Case For Subtitles

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    On April 5, 2016 I was unabashedly excited for the launch of Quantum Break. After all, Remedy Entertainment developed one of my all-time favorite games from the Xbox 360's generation, Alan Wake. However, Quantum Break released with bugs including... More
  • Still Gaming

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    There's a high number of draft blogs on my desktop. Question, if a (unfinished) blog is not read by others then does it exist? Clearly my attempts at posting regularly have failed. There's only one solution. Post something. And so I'll return... More
  • Jumping In On Day One


    The REQ pack system in Halo 5: Guardians is genius.

    The REQ pack system in Halo 5: Guardians is genius. No one can take down the original Spartan, Master Chief. Halo 5: Guardians receives monthly new content for free such as the well-known Forge, a map-making tool, and the recently announced Firefight... More
  • A Deaf Gamer In The Division


    Tom Clancy's The Division comes out tomorrow and this is one story about how a beta turned a single player into the game. Leading up to the game's release, I was fortunate to participate in the beta. Hands-on play time with a game before it releases... More
  • The DLC Game


    The fall 2015 games are released, The Game Awards are dispersed, gaming sales continue at blow-out prices and I am ending 2015 with a gaming library bulging with new games. However, 2016 presents me with a new gaming dilemma, DLC. The original, classic... More
  • Times Passes By But I Game On


    Wow, time passes by so fast in my old age (I turn 30 in August). Life continues with a schedule that's hard to keep up with. I absolutely continue playing video games but writing about said games has been stop and start. A folder is filled with half... More
  • My 2015 Games So Far

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    Anyone miss me? Or remember me? I've disappeared for a bit in a busy schedule of wedding planning and working but I haven't stopped gaming. I stay awake or wake up bleary eyed to run one more Strike in Destiny or to dig up treasure on one more... More
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