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  • No No No What are you doing ? on 12 May 2015 6:08 PM
  • I'm about to make some money next week, and I'm going to buy a batch of PS3 games. I'll probably grab South Park: The Stick of Truth, BO2, and Red Dead. I'm also about to platinum Uncharted 4. How is everyone doing? on 31 May 2016 4:07 PM
  • 13 days until I finally see some news about Mass Effect Andromeda.  Then I shall explode into a fiery ball of hype. on 29 May 2016 10:51 PM
  • Game of Thrones is excellent! on 27 May 2016 12:23 PM
  • Only one week until Mirror's Edge Catalyst and two weeks until e3. Hopefully, we can put these console rumors to rest! on 31 May 2016 1:37 PM
  • Overwatch got a 10!? Not that I'm saying it doesn't deserve it, I'm just surprised it's the first games this year to score a 10 from Gameinformer. on 24 May 2016 6:20 PM
  • Today I was working with my dad on a roof, and I was carrying up a big sheet of plywood, and all of a sudden I started slipping on the shingle granules until I found myself whacking against the ladder and flopping onto the ground. I fell of the roof, peoples! I feel accomplished. It really didn't hurt a bit, though. But my dad was yelling at me while I was slipping and was afraid I was about to die or something. He's still traumatized by it. on 11 May 2016 9:10 PM
  • on to greener pastures on 12 May 2016 5:11 PM
  • E3 is right around the corner. This past year has proven that it will be an interesting one. on 31 May 2016 11:05 AM
  • mass effect and fallout 4 hype yuck! I just cannot take anymore of these pick your response rpgs. They're total snooze fests. GEARS 4, ULTIMATE EDITON and DOOM PWN ALL!!!! on 15 Jun 2015 4:22 PM
  • Hey Guys I'm back for more UPDATES Coming Soon I'm taking a three day break on 31 Mar 2015 10:10 AM
  • Since launch, I have put 103 hours into Rainbow Six: Siege. And it feels just like yesterday I got the game. Lovin this game! on 8 Jan 2016 6:30 PM
  • Follow my friend on Twitch, "CaktusJackBurton".  He's a trip to listen to. on 24 Feb 2016 2:47 AM
  • My 2015 GOTY:  Bloodborne on 27 Dec 2015 3:27 PM
  • Just posted a guide. That was fun on 13 May 2015 1:51 PM
  • Lol - I love how Gameinformer censors anything a tad bit negative or non-politically correct. Pathetic. on 12 Feb 2016 10:59 PM
  • I can't stop bouncing back and forth between MGS V, and Pokemon: Omega Ruby. Cuz I'm just cool like that. on 17 May 2016 2:49 PM
  • is preparing for home detox, take 100 on 25 Nov 2015 11:46 AM
  • OK. So.....Dark Souls 3. After spending a grueling 5-6 hours on DS 1, and another 3-4 hours on DS 2, only my son could talk me into getting this one. I just wasn't patient enough to warrant a 3rd attempt at this series. Well, this one seems to be a little more "relaxed" in its approach to lure those too impatient for the previous installments. And I think I finally get it. It's a damn fine game, and depending on how deep and lengthy I believe the game will ultimately be, I just might dust off the older games and lay the smack down on those b*tches as well. Give it a shot Dark Souls Haters! You just might agree with me. I was one of you. WAS. on 3 May 2016 1:20 PM
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