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  • Diary of a Miner


    By now I bet you all have seen many of the amazing stuff you can create in Minecraft, while all of that is quite fantastic, I find that the tale that goes behind this magnificent structures is even better. It is through this journal that I wish to tell... More
  • Do we have a choice or only the illusion of it? ( A Mass Effect Non-Ending Related Blog)



    As I mentioned in the title, I won't be discussing the ending as frankly I consider that to be beating a dead horse. What I do intend on discussing is certain key decisions in the Mass Effect series that were one way or the other dismissed or not... More
  • I need your help, in my new quest!

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    Ok guys this really isn't much of a blog post but most of a big question from me to you. I decided that tomorrow I am gonna buy a PS3,but I need some suggestion! I would like to begin with the fact, that I really do not want to buy the console on... More
  • Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Impressions.


    Last week, I posted a review in which I expressed my feelings for this game. I pointed out some of it's major flaws with two of them being, repetitive enviroments and lack of a narrative focus. Today Bioware released the first major story-based DLC... More