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  • The Games I Completed In 2013


    I'm one of those baseball fanatics you see sitting in the bleachers with a glove fastened on the left hand and an iPad held in the right. The iPad is used to check career statistics for players, scouting report data, and to tweet stupid baseball jokes. If I'm not getting Internet service in the stadium, I have a Who's Who in Baseball book tucked away as backup. Baseball statistics are a beautiful thing, and my love of them has compelled me to jot down as many game-related statistics as I can. The one I like sharing with you guys revolves around the games I play and complete over the course of a year. More

    This is my third straight year of chronicling the games I completed over the course of 365 days. I played a lot of bad games this year...

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  • Lego Takes Us On A Tour Of The Simpsons House


    Lego released a video that gives us a tour of the upcoming Simpsons house set, which is every bit as amazing as it is expensive. As is the case with most Lego announcements, we don't have long to wait for its release; this one is due out next month. You'll just have to fork out $199.99 to add it to your collection. The video also gives us a rare look into the creation of minifigs. More

    Lego released a video that gives us a tour of the upcoming Simpsons house set, which is every bit as amazing as it is expensive.

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  • Classic Joust Commercial Is Terrifying And Awesome


    After you watch this long-forgotten TV spot for the home versions of Joust, I think you'll agree TV marketing has gone the wrong way. What happens in this commercial? A man spends a few seconds playing Joust before the characters in the game come to life, destroy his house with lances and unexpected explosions, kill his pet bird in the process, and leave a tasty present behind that transforms the man into a feathered half-breed. This all unfolds in two minutes. More

    If you work in video game marketing and are looking for new ways to get people interested in your brands, THIS is the way to do it.

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  • How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer


    A trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hit the Internet yesterday, and an extensive trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 – a sequel to another film I didn't expect to enjoy yet ended up enjoying immensely – is here for your viewing pleasure. Seeing that Dreamworks has already inked How to Train Your Dragon 3 for a June 18, 2016 release date, I have to wonder if this sequel has a cliffhanger ending. How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits next summer on June 13. More

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits next summer on June 13.

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  • Check Out This Life Size Car Made Mostly Out Of Legos


    Consisting of more than 500,000 yellow and black Lego bricks, and an engine comprised of four orbital engines and 256 pistons, this functioning Lego car can hit 15 to 18 MPH. It runs on air. The creative team of Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida say they drive it slow to avoid a "a giant lego explosion."It was built in Romania and shipped to Melbourne. More

    The crazy Lego creations continue to pour in.

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  • Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer

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    The Rise of the Planet of the Apes remake is one of my favorite films released in the last few years. This is not a joke. That film is a beautifully conceived roller coaster ride of hard-hitting excitement and crushing revelations. Stop reading this and watch it now, if you haven't already done so. More

    20th Century Fox released a greater teaser trailer for the upcoming Planet of the Apes sequel.

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  • My Favorite Games Of The Year

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    I added three new additions to my ever-expanding list. Read on to see why I enjoyed them!

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  • 2013: The Year Of The Shark


    When Tomb Raider hit store shelves in March, there was a lot of talk about 2013 being the year of the bow and arrow. This weapon was prominently used in The Last of Us, and Crysis 3's Robocop wannabe wielded one too. The year started off strong for this primitive weapon, but the action games that released in the following months focused on modern armaments. Alas, it looked like 2013 was going to go by without a silly trend linking numerous games together. More

    Shark attacks were a big part of 2013's video game landscape.

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  • Peggle 2: Attack Of The Automated Videos


    My Peggle 2 review is generating a surprising response. People are asking me where they can see the automated video captures I mentioned. You can, but you'll first have to download Xbox One's Smartglass app on your phone or tablet. Next, enter the friends menu, and input the gamertag "Reinak" into the Find Friends search. Once you follow me, you'll be able to see all of my Xbox One activity, including my achievement unlocks, and all of the videos that are either manually or automatically recorded. More

    If you want to see my Peggle 2 videos, here's how to get to them.

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  • Lego Movie Maniacs Will Never Happen, But We Can Dream


    Hammerstein NWC is one of my favorite Lego creators. Specializing mostly in custom minifigs, Hammerstein NWC has a great eye for the little details, and has turned many of my favorite characters in entertainment into desirable Lego toys. I was first introduced to his work through his steampunk R2-D2 and C-3PO, and have debated paying him a king's fortune to build custom Marvel figures for me. His Red Skull, Punisher, and Iron Man army are amazing. Today, Hammerstein brings us a gallery of movie maniacs. I doubt Lego would ever make R-rated sets with slashers and horror monsters, but Hammerstein shows us how cool they could be in adorable minifig form. More

    A custom brick builder gives us a glimpse at cinema's famed slashers and monsters in Lego form.

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  • X-Men: Days Of Future Past Official Trailer

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    With Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-2) back at the helm to direct another film about the Children of the Atom, we just need one more thing to happen to make the future great: I would love to see Raven Software develop another X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. Singer leaving X-Men to write and direct Superman Returns was a shame. Raven not getting the chance to create Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was equally as disappointing. 20th Century Fox fixed the future. It's up to you now, Activision. More

    Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and X2 is back for a third film about the Children of the Atom.

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  • My Ideal Star Wars: Episode VII


    I'm terrified of a future that doesn't have George Lucas calling the shots for new Star Wars films. At the same time, I'm excited for a future that has J.J. Abrams getting Star Wars back on track. More

    Here are a few ideas I would pitch to J.J. Abrams if I talked to him about Star Wars: Episode VII.

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