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  • Fan-Made Star Wars: Episode VII T-Shirts Are Flooding Shops



    Spoiler warning: If you haven't watch the trailer, you won't want to look at these fan-made shirts.

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  • The Games I Completed In 2014


    I probably shouldn't put such a strong focus on the act of finishing games, and should instead just focus on playing the games I want, for how long I want, but I'm addicted to the process, the drive, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from adding another game to the list. Each year, I keep a running list of the games I complete, which includes a section for games I started but haven't finished, and another for games I need to play. More

    Hearthstone and Dragon Age hurt my efforts to finish as many games as I could in 2014.

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  • Watch The Trailer For Pixar's Inside Out


    Pete Docter, the director behind Monsters, Inc. , and Up , is my favorite creative lead at Pixar. I love the heart and emotion that he packs into his films. In his next film, Inside Out , Docter takes us inside the mind of a young girl named Riley. Her... More
  • A Disgusting Prank We Played On Game Informer Readers

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    When I flip through Game Informer's old issues, I often find myself thinking "I can't believe we did that," and "We could never write that today." One such example is buried on the last page of the August 2002 issue. The item of note is "The Gummi Crunch," a food concoction that blends two distinct flavors and textures. More

    A food prank led to a flood of hate mail.

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  • My Top Games Of 2014


    Another year brings another list. If all goes as planned, I'll update this blog frequently, and won't finish until the new year arrives. The purpose of this document is twofold. First and foremost, I'm using it to chronicle all of the games I enjoy playing over the course of this year. The list I created last year helped me keep track of the games I still needed to get my hands on, and also reminded me what games I needed to bring up for Game Informer's Game of the Year voting. More

    The Walking Dead: Season 2, Skylanders: Trap Team, and Destiny join my growing list.

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  • First Trailer For Taken 3


    With the tagline "It ends here," Taken 3 is either going to end with the death of Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson), or with him going on a shin-kicking rampage. I've enjoyed this series immensely up to this point, and can't wait to see how it concludes. The first trailer released by 20th Century Fox outlines a much different plot for this installment. Mills is framed for murder and is on the run, evading the police while he tracks down the real killer. More

    The shin-kick master returns one last time.

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  • Jeff Goldblum Sings Lyrics To Jurassic Park Theme


    This is a silly little thing, but it made me laugh and I thought I would share it with all of you. Jeff Goldblum was on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently, and took to the microphone to sing lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme. More

    Jeff Goldblum was on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently, and took to the microphone to sing lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme.

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  • Mass Effect Fist Bump



    I'll let the art speak for itself.

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  • New Flash Trailer Shows Off Super Speed, Effects Galore


    There's always been a great divide between the special effects seen in movies and television shows. With each passing year, that divide becomes less apparent. The new trailer for CW's upcoming Flash show doesn't shy away from showing the effects used to bring DC Comics' speedster to life. The speed effects look mighty impressive. I especially like how slow motion is handled. More

    A new trailer shows off impressive special effects for CW's upcoming super hero show.

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  • Comic Con Brings Three New Videos For Star Wars: Rebels



    Classic ships. Classic armor. Classic character. Disney and LucasFilm's new "extended" trailer for Star Wars: Rebels is loaded with classic trilogy goodness.

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  • Harry Potter Returns In New Story By J.K. Rowling


    Harry Potter's battle against Lord Voldemort is over, but that isn't stopping J.K. Rowling from writing about her favorite wizard. Harry and Dumbledore's Army return in a new short story appearing on Rowling's Pottermore website. This 1,500-word look into Harry's middle-age years is told as a Daily Prophet article penned by gossip correspondent Rita Skeeter. More

    Harry Potter's battle against Lord Voldemort is over, but that isn't stopping from J.K. Rowling writing about her favorite wizard.

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  • The Original Guardians Of The Galaxy Return


    If I asked you to name a few characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm willing to be most of you would say something to the effect of "that dude from Parks and Recreation and a talking raccoon." And you'd be right. Both of these characters are a part of Marvel's new vision for this team, which will leap from comic pages to the silver screen on August 1. For comic book readers in the '60s, '70s, and '90s, the identity of the Guardians of the Galaxy was much different. More

    In the days before the talking raccoon and tree...

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