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  • My Witcher impression is up if you guys want to check it out. I've not much time to play, but I'll write another once I finish, you can be certain. on 22 May 2015 10:14 AM
  • Dead Space 4... hmmmm.... on 16 May 2015 6:49 PM
  • Two of my brothers and I (One of those brothers being Demon) have to farm sit for my uncle on Sunday, we're gonna be gone for about a week. I might bring my laptop, I don't know yet..... So yeaaaah.... on 22 May 2015 4:59 PM
  • Welp, looks like I'm not taking the summer CNA class. The class has been filled up. :/ on 21 May 2015 5:34 PM
  • Just beat Ash in Pokemon cause I'm the best player ever since I make logical choices and preserve my energy cards. on 13 May 2015 2:27 PM
  • Got my copy of Witcher a few hours early. on 18 May 2015 8:34 PM
  • Bloodborne + Queen go together surprisingly well on 12 Apr 2015 8:46 PM
  • I wanna be a mongoose! on 13 May 2015 9:18 AM
  • Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Engage! on 13 May 2015 7:03 PM
  • I would like to thank Destiny and it's repetitiveness bounties (Knuckleduster Melee) in particular for causing my R1 button to fall off. Though I've managed to put it back together to at least function, it wasn't a good time to break at the start of Crota's Raid. on 1 Mar 2015 7:34 AM
  • Today is my grandpa's 80th birthday! on 20 May 2015 3:07 PM
  • on 19 May 2015 3:15 PM
  • Just got Battlefield Hardline yesterday. The story is finally alright! In the beginning, the multiplayer is kinda hard, but once you buy guns it gets better. There's a rainbow six-like mode called Rescue and it's really fun. I'll be streaming a lot on Twitch at NoahKlein473 if you are interested. It is a really good and fun game. Peace. on 4 Apr 2015 7:39 PM
  • I'm gonna bounce you right back to my official GI profile. Back and forth. Forever. on 7 Dec 2014 7:44 PM
  • It looks like Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei will go into 2016 as well since it's "Winter 2015" for Japan. on 22 May 2015 9:14 AM
  • Best news of the day, a new NFS is to be released this fall. E3 is going to be epic. on 21 May 2015 4:04 PM
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