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  • The Blazin' Challenge Fighting Game

    I love chicken wings. I don't think anything can truly top steak, but dang those chicken wings sure do try. Fortunately, my friends like chicken wings too (though they all seem to be on the opposite side of the boneless vs. bone-in argument than me... More
  • Interview with Dark Souls Fan Artist, Gibbs Rainock

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    Gibbs Rainock is being summoned into another world as a phantom......

    ... More
  • Nobody Cares (but Me)

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    It's no secret (to those who know me) that I am a completionist. I've been waiting a long time to do my own "100% Club" blog, inspired by a post done by Game Informer's Joe Juba sometime in the past five years. I've been staying... More
  • A Flashback to Halo 3 on the Eve of Destiny

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    Destiny releases tomorrow, and I'm going to a launch party for the game tonight! Due to an amazing deal that was too good to pass up, several of my friends and I pre-ordered Destiny at the Microsoft Store. We recently got an email from them about... More
  • Custom Painted SNES Part 2: The Finished Product

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    My custom painted Super Nintendo is finally done! For those of you who don't know about this project, check out my Part 1 blog ; it explains the inspiration for this idea and what not. This project took a lot longer than my friend thought it would... More
  • GIO is a Great Place to Start

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    One of the first questions that comes to mind to ask anyone working in the video game industry is, "How did you get started?" Whether it's a community manager for a website or an editor-in-chief for a magazine, I often wonder how their journey... More
  • Game Developers in Cabs Getting Coffee

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    I love Jerry Seinfield's comedy web series, " Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee ." It's a very funny show that's also very informal. I enjoy watching Jerry hanging out with his comedian friends & having casual conversations with... More
  • REVIEW: Hyperkin SupaBoy


    Sometime last year, I discovered the existence of handheld Super Nintendo systems thanks to GIO member, Saint. The night I read that blog about his son's new gadget, I wanted one IMMEDIATELY. I was so tempted to click the Buy Now button on the Think... More
  • My Favorite Injustice Characters (So Far)

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    Last week, Jeff Marchiafava wrote a feature about Reiner & Mike's picks for The Best Characters of Injustice . I recently got three months of Gamefly for my birthday and Injustice is purposely the only game on my queue - I want to play the heck... More
  • Imagining a (Rocksteady) Batman style TMNT Game


    Sometime last year, there was a rumor that Rocksteady was making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Batman: Arkham City is my favorite game of all time (SO WHAT, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!) and I love the Turtles, so I was extremely excited and hoped the... More
  • My Daughter Likes Super Nintendo!

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    I don't know if there's ANYTHING I'm more nostalgic for than Super Nintendo. It's not the first video game console I ever played as my dad had an Atari 800, but it's the first & only console he bought for me & my sister, and... More
  • Custom Painted SNES Part 1: The Idea

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    I have a new project in the works. No, it's not another podcast and no, my wife and I aren't planning for a second child (at least not yet.) I'm going to custom paint a Super Nintendo! Rob ( Warbuff ) and I are friends. We talk to each other... More
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