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  • Interview with Dark Souls Fan Artist, Gibbs Rainock

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    Gibbs Rainock is being summoned into another world as a phantom......

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  • Nobody Cares (but Me)

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    It's no secret (to those who know me) that I am a completionist. I've been waiting a long time to do my own "100% Club" blog, inspired by a post done by Game Informer's Joe Juba sometime in the past five years. I've been staying... More
  • A Flashback to Halo 3 on the Eve of Destiny

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    Destiny releases tomorrow, and I'm going to a launch party for the game tonight! Due to an amazing deal that was too good to pass up, several of my friends and I pre-ordered Destiny at the Microsoft Store. We recently got an email from them about... More
  • Custom Painted SNES Part 2: The Finished Product

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    My custom painted Super Nintendo is finally done! For those of you who don't know about this project, check out my Part 1 blog ; it explains the inspiration for this idea and what not. This project took a lot longer than my friend thought it would... More
  • GIO is a Great Place to Start

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    One of the first questions that comes to mind to ask anyone working in the video game industry is, "How did you get started?" Whether it's a community manager for a website or an editor-in-chief for a magazine, I often wonder how their journey... More
  • Game Developers in Cabs Getting Coffee

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    I love Jerry Seinfield's comedy web series, " Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee ." It's a very funny show that's also very informal. I enjoy watching Jerry hanging out with his comedian friends & having casual conversations with... More
  • REVIEW: Hyperkin SupaBoy


    Sometime last year, I discovered the existence of handheld Super Nintendo systems thanks to GIO member, Saint. The night I read that blog about his son's new gadget, I wanted one IMMEDIATELY. I was so tempted to click the Buy Now button on the Think... More
  • My Favorite Injustice Characters (So Far)

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    Last week, Jeff Marchiafava wrote a feature about Reiner & Mike's picks for The Best Characters of Injustice . I recently got three months of Gamefly for my birthday and Injustice is purposely the only game on my queue - I want to play the heck... More
  • Imagining a (Rocksteady) Batman style TMNT Game


    Sometime last year, there was a rumor that Rocksteady was making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Batman: Arkham City is my favorite game of all time (SO WHAT, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!) and I love the Turtles, so I was extremely excited and hoped the... More
  • My Daughter Likes Super Nintendo!

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    I don't know if there's ANYTHING I'm more nostalgic for than Super Nintendo. It's not the first video game console I ever played as my dad had an Atari 800, but it's the first & only console he bought for me & my sister, and... More
  • Custom Painted SNES Part 1: The Idea

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    I have a new project in the works. No, it's not another podcast and no, my wife and I aren't planning for a second child (at least not yet.) I'm going to custom paint a Super Nintendo! Rob ( Warbuff ) and I are friends. We talk to each other... More
  • An Email I Wrote About Driver 3

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    This will be a rather short blog, but I think it's worth sharing. I've had the same email account since I was about 15 years old. I currently have a few additional email addresses (one personal and one from work), but I still have and use that... More
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