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  • And the winners for Game of the Year 2009 are....



    Many have already cast their vote or had staff meetings to determine what they found worthy of Game of the Year for 2009. Saving you the surfing time, I've compiled a quick list to see the various titles chosen with a link to the respective nominees... More
  • Dragon Age: Awakening - Wait it's how much?



    Dragon Age: Awakening Xbox 360/PS3/PC Developer: Bioware Publisher: EA Release Date: March 16, 2010 Dragon Age: Origins offered a spectacular RPG with a insanely large amount of content that required multiple plays to fully discover. Gaining generally... More
  • A Look Back at Gaming 09 - Part 2



    A Look Back at Gaming 09 - Part 1 The year held many great titles, but the most highly awaited ones were saved for the year's end. Fall of 09 boasted huge sequels and a few sleeper hits that were sure to max out any Holiday list. September September... More
  • A Look Back at Gaming 09' - Part 1

    6 1


    This has been one incredible year for gaming. While most make a top 10 list to commemorate their favorite, I've decided to go month by month with a few highlights and no numerical value. Though I have a general top 10 in mind, this should be a nice... More
  • Top 5 Games to Play this Halloween


    F.E.A.R Series

    Halloween is approaching, and we all know it is usually a time to go see whatever scary movie is playing at the local theater. Why sit and watch, when you could be part of the action? Here is a list of 5 games you should consider playing that are guaranteed... More
  • Top 10 Games that Deserve a Sequel


    Most sequels these days seem to spawn immediately after the good reviews and even better sales figures are revealed. Though these sequels are always good news in most cases, there are a few games out there that never got the "sequel" treatment... More
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