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  • Press Start to Play?


    There are varying levels of anticipation on the ride home with a new game in t

    There are varying levels of anticipation on the ride home with a new game in tow. Be it the ending to a big trilogy or great new IP, I am guilty of opening the packaging at a red light so I can throw the disc in my console and play it immediately. Controllers... More
  • Video Review - Spec Ops: The Line


    Spec Ops: The Line

    Spec Ops: The Line Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC Developer : Yager Development (Sp) Darkside (Mp) Publisher : 2K Games Release Date : June 26th, 2012 Posting this one on my first day of a week's vacation. Nothing like piercing sunshine to drive me to back inside... More
  • Video Review - Quantum Conundrum


    Quantum Conundrum

    Quantum Conundrum PC - Xbox 360 - PSN Developer : Airtight Games Publisher : Square Enix Release Date : June 21st, 2012 (July 11th for consoles) I wish this game was available while I was taking physics classes...I am sure I could have worked it into... More
  • My Handheld Hiatus


    While I do not agree with the notion and the quote is an obvious attack from Sony on Nintendo's handheld, it further emphasizes that the "social norm" is that handhelds are for kids. That argument was put to rest when I witnessed the multitude of adults freely playing at the Zelda symphony and read numerous accounts of people in my age range that still openly play at the theatre or airport. But while tapping my screen furiously with a stylus or tilting a device every which way, I could not help but feel a little self-conscious.

    A car ride, long wait time at the doctor's office, or lazy afternoon when the television was preoccupied used to mean time with the latest handheld console. I was a kid with a Gameboy readily at hand. Pokemon battles ensued on the bus ride home from... More
  • Video Review - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier



    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC - Xbox 360 - PS3 Developer : Ubisoft Publisher : Ubisoft Release Date : May 22, 2012 Spoiler alert: There are no ghosts in this games...I know, disappointing right? Still a solid entry in the franchise.... More
  • Video Review - Diablo III


    Diablo III PC Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Publisher : Blizzard Entertainment Release Date : May 15th, 2012 I was finally able to get around to a review for Diablo III...just had know...stop playing it long enough to get something thrown... More
  • A Night at the Zelda Symphony


    The Legend of Zelda has accompanied my console generations since

    The Legend of Zelda has accompanied my console generations since I first started playing video games. I still remember sitting in front of my own tiny television on the floor, playing my fifth run through the original game on the NES. When the opportunity... More
  • Video Review - Fable Heroes


    Fable Heroes

    Fable Heroes Xbox Live Arcade Developer : Lionhead Studios Publisher : Microsoft Release Date : May 2nd, 2012 Cost : 800 MS Points It's been some time since I have been able to get one of these together. Between traveling for work, apartment modification... More
  • Video Review - Kinect Star Wars


      Kinect Star Wars

    Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect Developer : Terminal Reality Publisher : Microsoft Release Date : April 3rd, 2012 Full written review can be found here . This took a while to get out, especially since I ended up having to overlay capture on capture for... More
  • Dragons, and Wizards, and Spells. Oh, My!


    It is the problem I have with every RPG I pick up. If I fail to completely play through and invest time from start to finish, I return to a pile of confusion. The long list of quests, the pages of abilities, and the numerous skills in each class tree can be a lot to reabsorb. Each character acts like a long lost friend that I bump into, struggling to remember their name or how they remember me so well...

    "Alright, here we go!...wait how do I fight these again?" It's easy to get sucked into an expansive RPG. An entire world is at your fingertips, and the customization offered promises a unique adventure for you to shape your character as... More
  • Video Review - Journey



    Journey Playstation Network Developer : That Game Company Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment Release Date : March 13th, 2012 Full written review can be found here . Journey is a different kind of game, and I had to ditch the typical review layout... More
  • Mass Effect 3 - Video Review


    Mass Effect 3 PC - Xbox 360 - PS3 Developer : Bioware Publisher : EA Release Date : March 6th, 2012 Full written review can be found here . It's late here...and I am quite sleepy. Thus, forgive me if the quality of the review isn't up to par.... More