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  • Let's Play - Dark Souls II

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    Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to delve back into the Dark Souls series...quickly found out that I am a bit rusty. At least it provides some enjoyment. I prefer the montage format in Let's Plays, so omitted is the countless runs I did trying... More
  • Continue?

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    Greetings Gameinformer, it has been close to a year since the last time I have posted. You all look so different...except you mojomonkey12 . Starting to think you have that Patrick Stewart “never aging” trend going. In 2012, I had written... More
  • Let's Play - Renaissance Heroes



    I rarely delve into the Free to Play market, but it turns out it's the prime place to go for a few Let's Plays. Renaissance Heroes is a recent addition to Steam that plays like Unreal Tournament, with a different look. It was surprisingly enjoyable... More
  • A Beautiful Lie

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    Cinematic trailers have become more impressive with each generation of consoles, and despite my inability to mimic their unique feeling in-game, it is hard to be too bitter about it. The sole purpose of a cinematic trailer is to reel the viewer in while giving an "idea" of what the game will offer, and stands as physical evidence of the hard work and dedication going into the development of the title on all fronts. Sure, I may not be able to recreate an archer quite as cool as the one in the trailer, but that is perfectly alright if the overall quality reflects what went into making him so awesome in the first place. For now, I will simply bask in the beauty and professionalism put into these amazing teasers of what is to come...even if they turn out to be a lie.

    There have been a substantial amount of cinematic trailers lately, each drawing my attention toward a different game. The Elder Scrolls Online showcased a particularly acrobatic archer, throwing his sword in the air to disperse three soldiers before catching... More
  • Let's Play - ZombiU



    An unexpectedly fun game, ZombiU offered plenty of genuine scares and tense situations. It also made for quite an entertaining Let's Play. Should have a written review up for it soon. Again, video has a few choice words. Digi Bros. is also continuing... More
  • Let's Play - Dead Space 3



    I rarely venture into the Let's Play territory but thought I would give it a try. It's a much more laid back tone compared to the video reviews I usually do, and requires much less effort in throwing them together. Be advised...due to the sudden... More
  • Video Countdown - Top 10 of 2012

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    ***Free Game Drawing - Details Below*** It was January 18th when I posted my very first video review . Since then I have progressively tried to capture, evaluate, and review many of the big name titles for the year for the sole purpose of doing a video... More
  • Gaming is the Best Medicine



    Fall is upon us, and while that means the release of highly awaited titles it also means half the population will be sick. Already at my place of work, runny noses and a chorus of coughing are lighting up the hallways. Though I do my best to avoid it... More
  • Video Review - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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    ***Free Microsoft Point/PSN/Steam Cash Drawing - Details Below*** Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC Developer : High Moon Studios Publisher : Activision Release Date : August 21st, 2012 This was one of the surprise hits for me this year... More
  • Video Review - Dust: An Elysian Tail


    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Dust: An Elysian Tail Xbox 360 Arcade Developer : Humble Hearts Publisher : Microsoft Studios Release Date : August 15th, 2012 One of the standout titles for the Summer of Arcade, Dust: An Elysian Tail sure was a pretty game. Working on sprucing up the... More
  • Good Vibrations


    It is an all too familiar feeling in gaming these days. It remains the only am

    It is an all too familiar feeling in gaming these days. It remains the only amount of tangible feedback a player can get from the action unfolding on screen; the response to a weapon kickback, chaotic explosion, or hit from an enemy; your controller gives... More
  • Video Review - Max Payne 3


    Max Payne 3

    Max Payne 3 Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC Developer - Rockstar Games Publisher - Rockstar Games Release Date: May 15th, 2012 Take that, backlog! I have been meaning to get this game for a while now, and with the recent Steam sales this summer it was hard to pass... More
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