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  • Overwatch Beta Impressions and Video Feature

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    A Hero for Anyone

    Overwatch was running its Closed Beta test late last year and I was lucky enough to participate for a weekend. Here is a rundown of the promising features as well as a video highlighting the notable standouts: A Hero for Anyone There is currently a roster... More
  • Confession - I Rarely Customize My Character

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    This time I had to ask myself...why not stay and delve into this further?

    Fallout 4 opens and immediately throws you into a character customization screen. There are sliders for nose length, forehead size, eyelid shape, and any facial feature imaginable. It beckons you to create your own persona, as wild or serious as you want... More
  • Here's to 2016 in Gaming


    Can you believe it is already 2016? Happy New Year!

    Can you believe it is already 2016? Happy New Year! This season always comes in a whirlwind as we wind down from the holidays, take down the Christmas decorations, and deny the fact we must return to work or school soon. As far as gaming goes there is... More
  • Checkpoints Roasting on a Backlog Fire


    There have been a ton of happy Christmas memories, but a few of those times really stood out:

    Video games are synonymous with my Christmas holiday. The vast majority of joyous, childhood memories involve waking up to a new console I had yearned for all year or big new release title that I watched the launch trailer for over and over again. Wish... More
  • The Star Wars Games I Missed Out On

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    Everyone has their favorite Star Wars title, be it the decision filled Knights of the Old Republic or the dog fighting Rogue Squadron; there is one game that captured the feeling of Star Wars perfectly for you. There are also a multitude of these games... More
  • What Are You Thankful for in Gaming?


    Always a Party

    Nothing is perfect in the gaming industry, and through drama and disappointments, it is easy to overlook the joys that modern day gaming has to give to us. Instead of focusing on "oh no another Call of Duty" or arguing about the justification... More
  • True Life: I Married a Non-Gamer

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    Almost a month ago, I got married.

    Almost a month ago, I got married. Believe me, I am still soaking it all in. The wedding day went by in a whirlwind; vendors were paid, an insane amount of photographs were taken, and all the outstanding wedding debt is getting cleared up. I expected... More
  • The Best New IPs of E3 2015

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    Last Guardian 

    After a whirlwind of the past few days glued to the monitor for each showcase, E3's biggest presentations have come and gone. We have had our fair share of surprises, confusion, and Jason Derulo; that said, as I dig through the piles of news stories... More
  • Back to the Grind: House of Wolves


    New Focus, New Hub

    Destiny's latest expansion has given way to new missions, new items, and a restructuring of the game overall; enough to encourage me to return. I dove into the House of Wolves to see what new features Bungie has included and what it has done to help... More
  • Poor Ports: A Generational Gap


    Before you grab your pitchfork, allow me to explain.

    For the first time in a long time I have stopped playing a game after a few hours into the campaign. That game is Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Before you grab your pitchfork, allow me to explain. I purchased this game as a gift for my brother after... More
  • Replaying a Legend - Ocarina of Time


    Much like Adult Link emerging from the Temple of Time, I find myself revisiting a familiar land I explored as a young child...

    Much like Adult Link emerging from the Temple of Time, I find myself revisiting a familiar land I explored as a young child... That was the cheesiest intro I could think of, but it is hard to shake the parallels as I replay a game I have not played in... More
  • It's 2015 - Do You Know Where Your Collector Edition's Are?

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    Batarang Sold Separately

    I still remember buying my first ever collector's edition for a video game; Halo 2. I treasured that steel case, and as of today it still sits in my gaming library; a shiny reminder of the dedication to the franchise and willingness to shell out a... More
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