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  • A Weekend With Elder Scrolls Online: My Impressions


    Elder Scrolls Online is a game caught between a rock and a hard place. It is without question an MMO, and many of the game systems are tailored towards capturing the interest of the usual MMO playing crowd. But it also wants to be a single-player RPG... More
  • In Defense Of Flappy Bird


    Flappy Bird is a game. Flappy Bird is a game that, for reasons both known and unknown, rubs many "gamers" the wrong way. There have been countless articles attempting to understand Flappy Bird's success and its rise to the top of the app... More
  • New Game Plus

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    You've finished an amazing, challenging, fun, roller-coaster ride of a game. The achievements and the trophies commemorating your deeds start to flash across your screen. You put your hands behind your head, lean back in your chair and watch the credits... More
  • Is 2014 The Year of the RPG?

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    Dark Souls II

    Dark Souls. Elder Scrolls. Dragon Age. And of course the new (and supremely awesome) kid on the block, the Witcher. What do these four sword and sorcery franchises have in common? They all have games coming out in 2014. Let that sink in for a moment.... More
  • My Top 5 Games of 2013


    5. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    This year was a pretty huge year for gaming - it's not every year that two next-generation gaming machines hit store shelves, and few console launch's have been as heated or as controversial as the debate among gamers about the merits or flaws... More
  • Who is the Nintendo 2DS for?


    Well, I think it might be for me.

    Well, I think it might be for me. I'm one of those gamers that has essentially grown out of handhelds. Like many gamers my age, I grew up playing my Gameboy Color and then later the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP. I played every color of Pokemon... More
  • Divekick: A Serious Joke



    Divekick is a joke. Sort of. But it's also much more than that. Hidden behind its satirical coating is a deep fighter that boils fighting games down to their essence and eliminates much of the needless complexity of "hardcore" fighting games... More
  • Steam Summer Sale 2013: The Aftermath



    Another summer, another Steam Summer Sale. I've been a fairly heavy Steam user for the past few years, and every year the service grows in size, content, and features. The Steam summer sale is the perfect example of this. The sale has gotten so large... More
  • Games to Play Before and After You See Pacific Rim



    I can barely contain my excitement for Guillermo del Toro's giant monster love letter film Pacific Rim. A lifelong Godzilla and Kaiju fan in general, this movie couldn't be a more perfect fit for me. It also helps that if current reviews are anything... More
  • The Day Call of Duty Fails

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    Year after year a new Call of Duty game is released. Year after year, Activision makes millions off the title during it's holiday release. Activision is for all intents and purposes the "Call of Duty company." It is what they are known for... More
  • Marvel Heroes Impressions: Walking The Line Between Good and Bad Free To Play


    Marvel Heroes sounds like an absolute genius idea on paper – take superheroes from the increasingly popular Marvel comic book universe, combine it with the addictive RPG action of a game like Diablo, and walla, instant success. That isn't exactly... More
  • Second Look: How Xbox One Made Me Take a Hard Look at the PS4


    Well then.

    Well then. I had hoped for a decision like this, but somehow I didn't really expect it. This is good news, not just for Xbox fans sitting on the fence, but for consumers as a whole. Your voice was heard. Our voice was heard. But that's not the... More
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