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  • We May Have Accidentally Solved Piracy


    Editor's note: It has been pointed out that this paragraph might be a teensy bit illegal. It has been redacted.

    Piracy is something you hear about quite often in gaming, especially on the PC side of things. It's hard to go a week without someone trotting out those discouraging statistics showing that far more people will steal a game than pay for it, or just... More
  • The Golden Compass Is Some Seriously Cool Steampunk


    What do you think? Have you read/seen The Golden Compass? If not, does it sound vaguely interesting?

    I realize my blogs have been on a bit of a book spree lately. It's kind of the theme for this week. Anyway, I was thinking back to one of the better books I read recently. Maybe you've heard of The Golden Compass before. A lot of people view it... More
  • Weird Should Be A Compliment


    Why is that?

    One thing has always struck me when talking to other people. For whatever reason, way too many of them seem to think that the word "weird" is some sort of insult. If you call a movie or a book or a video game weird, it means that you didn't... More
  • Finding Co-Op Partners Is Easy When You Know Where To Look


    So, what happened while I was gone?

    Hello, all. It's me again. God knows it's been quite a while. I think by now this blog qualifies for some sort of award from Saint. It's been a very, very long time since I last posted. If anyone remembers me, yay. For most of you who won't... More
  • The Online Pass Is Terrible (But Here's How To Do It Right)


    One of the more controversial parts of the latest generation of gaming is the advent of so-called "online passes." Invented by publishers in a time of need, they are seen by the industry as a necessity and by some gamers as a majestic injustice... More
  • Should Gamers Buy an iPad?


    That'll Be An Arm And A Leg, Please

    Some of you have probably noticed that I post a lot less these days. Lately a perfect storm of distractions has cropped up to steal my time and make me less productive. The biggest reason is my new iPad. Sure, I could blame other things like midterms... More
  • Mass Effect 3 is Amazing


    Mass Effect 3 is awesome.

    I don't know how to start this blog. To be honest, just writing it is difficult enough. I feel constantly distracted and unable to focus. I can't stop thinking about Mass Effect 3. Anybody who can see that giant ME3 poster above this blog knows... More
  • On the Precipice of Battle


    So here we are.

    Hey, GIO. It's been a while. Things have been crazy with midterms. It doesn't leave too much time for blogging. However, I have to make time to discuss the upcoming event which has so dominated my calendar for the past couple months. Mass Effect... More
  • How I Spent a Week as a Ravenous Zombie


    Day One- Outbreak

    And now we venture into the world of off-topic. I like to do the occasional non-gaming blog, and this definitely counts. As I sit here and type out these words, the myriad of aches and pains throughout my body are a constant reminder of my brief time... More
  • Why Call of Duty Will Never Ever Change

    13 1

    Recently in my travels across Reddit (great site for wasting time), someone posted a link to a r

    Recently in my travels across Reddit (great site for wasting time), someone posted a link to a recent IGN article about Call of Duty. The article was moderately lengthy but what it basically said was that the essential core of Call of Duty has not changed... More
  • I'm A Little Tired of HD Remakes


    What do you think? Are HD remakes good for the industry?

    Lately the game industry has been deluged with a nonstop stream of remakes. It seems that game developers are rather fond of redoing their old titles in high definition and some small improvements. Classic last-gen titles like Sly Cooper, Shadow of the... More
  • The Witcher 2 Is the Best Game No One's Heard About


    Usually great games come with their own set of hype. If a game is good or generally expected to be good, people talk about i

    Usually great games come with their own set of hype. If a game is good or generally expected to be good, people talk about it. Just look at the insane amount of anticipation for Skyrim... That is a textbook example of a titanic game making a pretty titanic... More