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  • 3 Helpful Tips For Blogging at GIO


    Don't upload images, use Imgur

    One of the things that are unofficial requirements for blogging at GIO is a working knowledge of how the blog editor works. If you can't figure out how to post a blog, it's a bit difficult for people to see it. Then there's the formatting... More
  • How Do You Make Time For Gaming?



    I don't particularly enjoy going to school. Call me crazy, but there are just so many more fun things to do than sit in a classroom all day and listen to somebody else talk. Fun isn't the right word. School is necessary . I certainly don't... More
  • Next-Gen Graphics Might Be Too Realistic For Me


    To be honest... I don't know if that's a good thing.

    One of the highlights coming out of E3 was the premiere of Unreal Engine 4 and a precious few games that admitted to using it to run next-gen graphics. As far as I know, only one of the Final Fantasy games directly stated that their graphics were designed... More
  • Why Won't David Cage Spell Eiden?

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    Why would you not spell a character's name?

    I was recently reading through Game Informer's coverage of E3 and all the games revealed there. One particularly interesting title was Beyond: Two Souls , the new game from the makers of Heavy Rain. It's a strange new title about a girl played... More
  • Who Else Watches The Legend of Korra?


    The writing for Korra and the other character is really good. They feel a lot like real people who deal with their problems in a realistic way (even if those problems involve shooting fireballs at each other). Put it this way: I had a genuinely difficult time choosing a picture of Korra to put at the top left of this post. No one picture really did a good job of summing up the entirety of her character. There's far more than can be contained within a single image.

    I usually make it a point not to watch television shows meant for children. Kids' shows are usually terrible. That's just how it goes. Sorry, but I'll take high-octane backstabbing in Game of Thrones over learning how to share from The Wiggles... More
  • The Ending to Mass Effect Is Still Bad


    And yet... I didn't love the ending. (Side note: This blog is spoiler-free)

    In case you haven't heard, the Extended Cut to Mass Effect 3 came out. The DLC is supposed to clear up some lingering questions about the final moments of the trilogy without fundamentally changing anything that happened in the endings. Shepard's... More
  • Well. Dead Space Is Terrifying.


    Dead Space is scary.

    Remember a while back when I lamented the lack of games that could actually scare me? You all really stepped up to the plate with a whole lot of games that sound terrifying. By far the most common suggestion was to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Rest... More
  • Game Informer for iPad Is Downright Magical


    Basically, GI digital just got a whole lot better.

    You know what's the worst part about subscribing to Game Informer? Magazine subscriptions. As much as I love GI, they are unfortunately like every other magazine in the world in that all of them are remarkably slow. Slow to deliver, slow to change... More
  • Not Much Scares Me Anymore (Except That One Thing)

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    Except Limbo.

    One of the inevitable parts of playing video games is becoming desensitized to violence and scary stuff. Maybe it's just me, but over time I've become a whole lot less affected by seeing characters get chopped in half or messily killed. Chalk... More
  • The Microsoft E3 Presentation Was More For Tech People, Not Gamers


    Windows 8.

    Usually for E3, I sit back and read the results a few days after the fact. This year, I had a pretty good amount of spare time and a fast internet connection. Throw those two things together and you get the perfect recipe for actually watching the Microsoft... More
  • The Miiverse Is A Bad Idea


    Somehow I doubt it.

    The news is out. Nintendo is finally joining the current generation of consoles with a new system for creating virtual characters and sharing them online. Gee, if only that had been done before... perhaps by a company called Microsoft... oh, to dream... More
  • The Short Guide to Buying a Smartphone


    One of the most common questions I get as a person who reviews cell phones for a living is, "Which one is your favorite?" Usually when this question comes up, I feel the briefest flash of annoyance. The question is only a little bit annoying, though. The overwhelming majority of people can't be expected to know or even care about the differences between modern smartphones.

    One of the most common questions I get as a person who reviews cell phones for a living is, "Which one is your favorite?" Usually when this question comes up, I feel the briefest flash of annoyance. The question is only a little bit annoying... More