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  • Forum Post: An Interesting Video

    Hey guys! This clip is from the movie Expelled, made by Ben Stein. It finds him debating with Richard Dawkins (the most famous Bible-bashing, creationist-debating, atheist in the world) conceding that intelligent design is plausible.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Sheldon Cooper Quote

    As you know, Sheldon Cooper has a lot to talk about. Some say that he talks too much. But all of his talking are one of the things that we love about him. So there has to be something that he said that you liked. Do you have a Sheldon Cooper quote? Heres mine Sheldon Cooper: "I cry because others...
  • Forum Post: Re: Big Bang Talk

    I love everything about BBT. It's the funniest show ever. All of the actors are brilliant and they are what makes the show so great, Especially Jim Parsons a.k.a Sheldon Cooper. With his "Bazinga," and his *knock knock knock Penny act. and everything else about him makes the show. And everyone...
  • Forum Post: Rosario + Vampire and Rosario + Vampire CAPU2 General Discusion

    I finished both seasons awhile ago and im now reading the manga but im disapointed to find that there is no season 3 to be found so now the only thing to do is talk to other about it so what do you think about it?
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  • Forum Post: Zelda Videos thread

    In this thread, you can post your own, or other peoples' Zelda videos. Funny or Epic. *Remember to stay within the lines of the rules. Nothing bad, or I'll sic Sean on you >:|)
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