Greetings everyone. I just wanted to drop in here and pass around the word about this months community FragFest. Warbuff and I are working together on different avenues to get the group a higher profile across to site... while he contacts the staff and podcasters, I threw together this little 60(ish) second promotional video :D Check it out!


Game Informer Online Community Event

FragFest 5 - Saturday, June 25th

Starting 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Eastern

Xbox players - Battlefield Bad Company 2

PS3 players - Killzone 3

Stay informed - Join the FragFest community group to get updates on every event, and to cast your vote for what games we play each month. To join, simply click here, then click "Join Group" in the right side utility bar.

As mentioned above, we're really hoping to see this community event grow in popularity - so this post has been made across several forums on the site, as well as my personal blog. If you happen to be a subscriber to all of these things and find it to be spam, my apologies - it was only posted in areas relative to the event.