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Think you've got what it takes to command one of the United States' elite military squads? Knowing where to position your men for maximum effect is only the beginning. Take a break from battle and get a sitrep from this group of likeminded tacticians.

My introduction to Ghost Recon.

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  • I thought I would contribute to this forum for the first time, and since all the other post are about Future Soldier, I figured I would talk about my introduction to the franchise. 

    I jumped on board with the original Ghost Recon on the PS2, and my mind was freaking blown,  I never played a strategical shooter before.  The amount of control you had over your teammates was impressive (for the time) and the scale seemed never ending.  The first level you were in a wilderness area that seemed to go on forever, and it did not seem linear.  I was able to tackle objectives in the order I saw fit. 

    I did however skip GR:  Jungle Storm and got GR:  2.  The campaign seemed weaker than the first however the graphics were top notch, for the time.  But the thing that Ghost Recon 2 did for me was introduce me to online gaming.  To make this story short, my life was changed drastically.  I went from a "casual" player to "hardcore" over night.  My wife hates that game for this reason. 

    Needless to say the Ghost Recon franchise has changed my life, and I will be purchasing everone from now on.

  • Hrm?  Perhaps I should have finished this essay with an open invitation.  

    Which Ghost Recon game were you initially introduced to?  Initial impact?  Online?  Story?

  • How can people not answer to something like this? Ghost Recon is one of the most solid series of shooters of all time.

    I first got hooked with the original on Gamecube. I was still in Junior High, and I believe it was my first "M" rated title in my collection (pretty funny compared to games we have now!) I didn't really care about the "bad" graphics and mediocre scores that critics gave it; I was thrilled at the ability to command a squad of soldiers and take part in scenarios that were completely believable. I remember playing the first level you mentioned (it's called "Iron Dragon;" neat how I still remember at the top of my head), thrown into the wilderness with six soldiers, a handful of weapons, and no sense of direction. Tactical-wise, I sucked the first time around, but I eventually got better and began to equip different kinds of weapons/equipment, classes, ROEs, etc.

    Island Thunder was my second, followed by Jungle Storm, Ghost Recon 2, and then Summit Strike. The Advanced Warfighter series was great as well, but it doesn't really hold the same magic as the original series. Regardless, the huge variety of locations and mission types was great; something that Halo or Call of Duty just wasn't really able to do.

    One thing that I really liked was the addition of background suspense music. Although the originals were cool due to their realism, I quickly got bored with strict ambience. The PS2 and GC ports made things a little more interesting by adding in a subtle mix. Best example: I remember playing that Extraction mode as just a sniper, with no one else in my class. I was wounded, and as I hid in the corner prone, scoping out enemies in the distance, this eerie theme begins to play. Amazing.

    Sadly, GR doesn't really seem that popular anymore. As much as I enjoy COD, BF, and Halo, Ghost Recon is a great series that no one seems to be familiar with. I'm still on the fence for Future Soldier, but I won't deny that the series has been one of my greatest gaming experiences of all time.

  • This is one of the most under rated video game franchises of all time. With that out of the way, my introduction to the series was Ghost Recon 2. I some what liked it but prefered call of duty. But the reason why i was meh with the game  was cuz at the time i was a 13 year old punk b*tch n00b that knew nothing of tactics, patients, and strategy. I didnt play the series again till GRAW2 in about 2008(2 years into its release). I tried out GRAW 2 after i bought Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and was totally blown away by it. Once i downloaded the demo to GRAW 2 i think i played it for about 1 week straight. An absolutly astounding game. cant believe i never gave tacticall games a chance before then. Ive been a fan ever since.  

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