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Square Enix's flagship series has been so influential to the genre that it's almost synonymous with RPG. Use this space to share your favorite Final Fantasy moments or gossip about the happenings in Vana'diel. What's your favorite Final Fantasy?


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  • Ok AAR is in Beta right now, and will be releasing in a few months on both PC and PS3 (same time this time).

    I'll give some general info on it since I'm sure not everyone is familiar with it. It's a MMO on both PC and PS3. It's a cross platform game meaning that you can play both versions (PC and PS3) with the same account. This wasn't confirmed, but I'm guessing you will need to buy both versions separately if you wish to play on both (wasn't confirmed by Yoshi P the producer/director). There will also be a monthly subscription 8-13$ based on how many characters you want (should be clear that you do not need more than one character since you can have multiple classes/jobs on one character just like you could in FFXI).

    So there you have it. This is a re-release of the disastrous FFXIV game that I'm sure many of you have heard about. Hence the name FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.


    This game has been completely re-written and re-designed from the ground up for both PC and PS3, and the old version (v1.0)  has been scrapped. I'm looking forward to this and will be picking both versions up day one. I'm just curious to see how many of my fellow GI community and FF group members might be interested in this as well.


    So, whose in?

  • Well, the original was a flop and I'm glad to hear that they've practically rebuilt the game, but I have a feeling I'll probably place my cards on FF XI, which is still running and has established some ground. Depending on how things go, I might try out ARR.

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  • Some Beta testers have talked about their experience with the game now (GIO just had a blog put up today about it) and I would really love to get into this game, but I just don't have the time to invest in a subscription-based game...but, do we have any fears/hopes that this will go free-to-play?  Look at DCUO on PS3 and Guild Wars 2...both quality MMOs that allow for casual time investment and no monthly bleeding of my wallet...I will most assuredly jump ship if FFXIV goes that route eventually, but not up front.

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  • I doubt that Squeenix will follow that model. They were asked about it, and apparently, it's not exactly high on their list of priorities, which is understandable given how the company's been having some problems and what-not. However though, I have to say that it's pretty excellent - my brother got a beta key to play it - and nearly everything that was messed up about the first is fixed and improved dramatically. Although I still lean toward XI - it has more content, naturally - ARR is definitely not a waste of money.

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    GIO Usage Guidelines, Newcomer Cheat Sheet, Site Feedback

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