Most people that have played guitar hero can clearly see how it has changed over the years. Most of my friends are way better at me at playing guitar on expert because they have played guitar hero iii (which i think is one of the hardest). World Tour was nice because it added the band aspect to it (i like the drums over guitar). And Guitar Hero 5 is known as one of the easiest Guitar Heroes to date. Don't forget that there was a whole line of handhelds and band specific games. And the newest branch off the series is DJ Hero, which (in my opinion) is harder than Guitar Hero 5.

People also tend to see a decline in the popularity of the songs. Guitar Hero 5 has bands that most people have never heard of. I like this type of variety, but 20 or more bands that sound alike just aren't the variation people are looking for (or the definition of the word of "variation" for that matter). The series tries to give people, such as myself, songs that aren't stereotypical 80s rock songs that only give the spotlight to the "up and down the frets" guitar solos, but fail at providing a decent set list that has a song with an interesting bass part, killer vocals, or a good drum song that isn't hard to be good. A song with all of these parts would also be a really good song to have. I don't want the Band Hero songs, I just want some stuff that acknowledges all of the parts, not just the guitar. (Since they added the "band", they should "use" the band.)

(Song transfer from earlier games is also a bid deal, but not the main point)

So, is it true that the more sequels Activision makes, the more unpopular and easier the games will be?