I know the Super Mario series isn't known for it's story, but I have just discovered proof of what is either a massive plot hole or existence of multiple continuities. You may not have watched the late 80's cartoon series, "The Super Bros. Show", but when 8-year-old me saw a $5 best-of DVD of the series, I couldn't pass it up. The opening sequence, accompanied by an awesome rap, shows that Mario and Luigi are residents of Brooklyn, and that they entered the Mushroom Kingdom via a magic drain while on the job -- the only instance of plumbing you'll ever see from the bros in the entire series, game or otherwise. As far as I know, the cartoon isn't considered non-canon. Flash forward to 1995, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island releases. Mario and Luigi are babies in this game, and Yoshi's Island isn't a real-world location, last time I checked. How could the brothers be in the Mushroom Kingdom if they live in Brooklyn. I highly doubt that they moved from the Mushroom Kingdom to a separate world, than back again. This may not be a plot hole -- maybe the cartoon series is a separate continuity, much like Sonic Boom is to the Sonic series. Again, if "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" has been proven non-canon, than please tell me.