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New Mario games?

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  •                    To me, nintendo has got to running out of games to put into the mario series.  They have mario kart, galaxy, land, sunshine and so many more.  yeah they can make sequels but that may get boring over time if there are too many.  Have any new idea for topics?

  • I do agree with you. I had the idea long ago: that when they start to run out of ideas, Nintendo should turn to the fans and ask what game they would like to see come out for Wii or maybe DS. Although this may take a lot of time to round up the votes and suggestions from all the gamers on the world. I think it could be a possibility?

  • i think the perfect game is a pockmon-style game but insted of pockmon, nintendo charictors! yoshi will be my starter!!!!!

  • @brian-that would actually be an interesting idea.  You could also maybe travel around to different worlds were you could talk and interact with other Nintendo characters.  I can just think of all the possibilities of a Nintendo Pokemon game.

  • I think that would be pretty cool the dimension traveling stuff but I dont think that there will be many nintendo characters to use and how would they evolve? But I think a really cool game would be where all the video game characters ever created would battle eachother. And no, it wont be like smash bros. but instead the characters from the same dimension would fight as a team and in story mode you could choose the dimension you want to play as and you could upgrade your characters with items you find. They could even put non-video game characters, like from DBZ!

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