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Intrepid explorers like yourself won't be stopped by chasms, cliffs, or ravines. So hop on over to our platform section where you can hook up with other heroes like you who love the old-school genre.

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    I loved the first three for the ps2, they were original and just all around awesome! if i had to choose one i'd choose the first cuz it was the first serious ps2 game i had ever played and i can't shake the initial wonderment i felt when i first played it. but the second one is great for the...
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    A Crack in Time was said to be the last entry in the series. What's your take on it; is the series done or not? I think that they'll make another game at one time or another but I think that Insomniac may take a break from the series to focus on the developement of Resistance 3.
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