Do you PVP in wow or want to learn how to play well? Post your questions, pics, videos, etc here!

I'm only lvl75 but I've been doing very well PVP-wise, here are a few pics of the final score of a few games as prot pally:


Alterac Valley

Eye of the Storm

Arathi Basin

Warsong Gulch

Heck I've even received whispers from the horde after a game


I may be new but I've learned quite a lot about the game pvp-wise, so here's my two cents:

As a prot pally you have to rely almost entirely on burst dmg in order to take down other players.

One trick I've been using for a while now is when defending on Strand of the Ancients I would build up holy Power on the Demo as the ship arrives and and hope Judgement will proc Sacred Duty for a Shield of the Righteous crit.

If you get lucky and activate Sacred Duty,  use Hammer of Justice on an enemy player (try to avoid Mage) and use SOTR asap, followed by Avenger's Shield or Hammer of Wrath for an instant kill.


I'm sure I could improve and learn from you guys, so please post your own experiences with WoW PVPing!