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You think that Soulcalibur might be the best 3D fighter series on the planet. You appreciate the series diverse roster of characters, enjoy creating your own combatants, and maybe you have a great idea for which guest character Namco should include in the

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  • Forum Post: Soul Calibur V's most anticipated character.

    So Soul Calibur V is coming out early next year and I must say I am flipping balls over it. (I dont know what that means either) But the thing I am most excited about is Ezio Auditore De Firenze being the guest character. I have dreamed about either him or Altair being the guest character in the next...
  • Forum Post: Guilty!

    This may get very few responses, but: Who (other than me) is guilty of admireing a character's digital " lady lumps "! lmao!
  • Forum Post: Next Guest Character?

    Who should be the next guest character in SoulCaliburV? Lara Croft would be a funny addition.
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