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The Official Zelda Triforce Tribe

Hyrule-heads unite! Green tights welcome. The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming's most famous franchises, and the power of the Triforce is collected here.

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    Arriving on the 3DS this November, A Link Between Worlds serves as a sequel to A Link to the Past. Colin McIssac from Zelda Informer states: "Much like A Link to the Past , I began my journey right outside of Link's house in the overworld of Hyrule Field. The demo starts players off with a sword...
  • Forum Post: LoZ has been fully voiced in the past.

    I know we all have our opinions on whether or not a Zelda game can or should use voice actors, and a think I found a good argument for the pro-voice side of the argument. I stumbled across some info that I didn't know before, and was curious if anyone else did. There are ALREADY official Nintendo...
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    I personally would like to see the wizard Agahnim, from A Link to the Past, be a main or minor antagonist. What do you think?
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    Stuck on Misery Mire's boss in A Link to the Past? Here's a little trick I used to beat him. And no, I didn't find out about it online. Needed: Magic Cape, 1/2 Magic. Put on the Magic Cape. Run up to the eyes and start slashing. Keep on doing it until it dies.
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    HOLY SH*T I LIKE THIS TEMPLE! Legend of Zelda games are known for their amazingly fun and difficult dungeons. They are a huge staple of the game and are sure to play a role in the next LoZ. Maybe by looking at all the past dungeons will give us some cool ideas about what could be in the next big LoZ...
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