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New Zelda Wii U rumors

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  • I was doing some search engine surfing on Zelda and I stumbled across this article from a couple weeks ago about Zelda Wii U rumors.  It's important to note that they say the tipster was anonymus and as such, there's a good chance the tips are bogus, but  a few of them are really intriguing if it's true!  I'm especially curious about "A well known character from a past game is returning, but likely not in the same role or form as in the past".  My first thoughts is that Aghanim will be returning in some way, but I have no reason for thinking that.  He was just the first character that popped into my head.  What do you think?  Legitimate?  Bogus?  Possible?  Unlikely?  

    Personally, I think it's likely bogus because of the part where they said that 50 Shades of Gray was being looked at to inspire the Zelda/Link romance story.  If Link and Zelda pull a 50 Shades of Gray in a Zelda game, I will be put off the series forever.  

    Anyway, check it out for yourself.



    and the source...


  • Really cool rumors, Doc. Love everything except the 50 Shades of Gray thing. Besides being insane, for crying out loud, it's a family series people! The vast majority of stuff there was very possible, but I think that, besides a different Ganon, I think Girahim might return to get some bigger role. Not that I like him more than Ganon, of course, but maybe Nintendo was trying to make his Zelda prequel role a big deal. . .

  • I actually like Girahim better than Ganon in some ways. Call me crazy, but he kinda reminded me of the Joker... sort of. But concerning the rumors; I don't know anything about 50 Shades of Gray but considering it sounds like an adult movie I'm guessing that Nintendo wouldn't go for that. I kinda liked the romance in Skyword Sword but only because it was pretty one-sided. Zelda like-liked Link but he never showed it the same way, it would be awful in my opinion to take that to a more serious level. We also know the thing about e3's wrong, and I hoping they don't do another motion control Zelda. I liked combat more than most zelda games other than that I prefer not having to move my arms very much. Also it seems kinda dumb to not have a game that will show off the controller's function.

  • @ingtobobop1: Ditto. Girahim's wild, kind of cooky insanity made him highly memorable over Ganon. And yeah, I suppose I don't like mov'in my limbs that much as a gamer and I'd highly prefer traditional controls next time, with the exception of the gamepad's nice touchscreen additions.

  • I think I am alone on this but I REALLY liked Skyward Sword's controls. I guess lot of people had problems with making Link do what they were trying to get him to do, but I had no problems with that. I could go for either or, because I also REALLY like traditional controls. See, the motion controls weren't very complicated because it felt natural and it required very little thought on the controls part so you could focus on the game. Now, with the more advanced technology, seen in the Nintendoland's Battle Quest, they could make the interface even better than Skyward Sword!

  • Alright, so we've been getting some more Zelda U info over the past year! We've even got to see some gameplay. Link has got the sailcloth and Epona. The game is open-world.

    What do you guys hope to see in this game?

  • I hope to see a good story. What they've shown of the gameplay has been impressive, the lack of a story has me concerned.

  • Man, I really thought I was the only one who was worried about that. I said something about it on my page a while ago and people said they really didn't care about the story as long as the gameplay was good. The main reason I love the Zelda games is because of their stories.

  • Hey look! Someone must have gave this group a fairy spirit!

    I'm not that concerned about story right now. I've been wanting a big Hyrule to explore for a good long while and if there's enough to do I don't think I'll miss the story. I mean Zelda games never really had /that/ much story in them to begin with.

    I'm betting if you took all the story parts of any Zelda game and put 'em in a video it wouldn't be longer than 30 minutes.

  • P.S. It is usually harder to implement a story in very nonlinear games. So the story may be lacking in this game, but if they can pull it off that would be cool too.

  • Same here, Ash. For the Zelda series and most games in general, the story is the most important part.

    They're not the grandest of stories, but they're really enjoyable, especially when you consider the somewhat complex timeline. Sure Nintendo could always make them more in depth with the lore and characters, but most Zelda games have well I think.

  • Pls I need Groose back.

  • Ah, Groose...

  • They could go more in depth with the lore, but that's one of the reasons why I love Zelda. With the lack of explaining some of the stuff, it causes us fans to theorize about it and have some pretty great conversations. With each installment we get more confirmation about different stuff, but it still has an air of mystery about it.

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