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Summon your courage, grab your trusty weapon, and cue the theme music - there is treasure and glory on the horizon. For those with wanderlust and a penchant for solving mysteries, this is your destination.

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    I have played a lot of Zelda games and the one thing I noticed is that he seems to have a lot of transportation throughout his games. Some are more notable than others but I want to ask you a question, what was Link's best and worst transports throughout the series? I would have to say: Worst: Kangaroo...
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    ok i need help i have the zelda disc that came wit the gamecube when it first came out (it has all of the good stuf on it) and im playing ocarnia of time but im stuck... i cant beat it its soooooo HARD!!!!! (fyi im not good at zelda games) so can any one help me out here.....
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