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You like to feel like you're connected, and no system puts you in touch with your fellow gamers like the Xbox 360. But even if you haven't joined Xbox Live yet, this is the perfect place to come and catch up on the latest Microsoft news.

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  • Forum Post: Re: Halo 3 FragFest, Saturday November 3rd

    I'm up for a Halo 3 Fragfest. I have ODST, so map limitations are not a problem to me. My GamerTag is TheGovernator15, and I can sort of co-host or whatever if ya want. I don't think that you will have to worry about player limit, as I don't remember ever reaching the maximum in previous...
  • Forum Post: Halo 3 FragFest, Saturday November 3rd

    (I'm not sure if many still come here, but I figured this would be the best way to spread the word.) Halo 4 is just about upon us. So in preparation for it, I want to set up a Halo 3 multiplayer event to get us warmed up for the game. So Next Saturday, November the 3rd, 8 PM Eastern Time, we will...
  • Forum Post: $5 FragFest Proposal: Brink

    As posted to the blog section, I'm curious if anyone would be interested in a Brink FragFest, since the game is going to be on sale for $5 on Friday. If you're wondering, "Why Brink? Wasn't that game crap?," please take a look at my blog entry explaining it. Would anyone be interested...
  • Forum Post: FragFest August 25th, PS3 & X360

    The next Monday, the 27th, I unfortunately have to go back to school for my last year of high school. But before that, I would love to have one last epic FragFest session to close the summer gaming wise. So, I was wondering IF we could play Killzone 2, Street Fighter X Tekken, or Starhawk?
  • Forum Post: PS3 FragFest in August

    I was thinking we could play Battlefield 3, Killzone 2, or any other suggestion!
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