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GIO FragFest: Camaraderie through digital bloodshed

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  • Forum Post: FragFest 11 and Midnight release party: Modern Warfare 3 Extravaganza!

    I just realized I made the mistake of posting the sign-up thread for the MW3 events in the Call of Duty group rather than here... I'll paste the body of the thread here for your reference, but I have locked this duplicate from responses. Please follow this link to the original post in the Call of...
  • Forum Post: RaceFest 1: Forza 4 - Friday Oct 14th - Sign up here!

    Historically here at FragFest we've done fairly well to adhere to a theme with the games we get together and play... that is to say, it generally involves fragging. Discharging of digital firearms and use of digital explosive ordinance and such. I have always been aware that our members gaming tastes...
  • Forum Post: PC - Frag Fest 8 Thread

    Bienvenidos and and Welcome to Frag Fest 8 on PC! The game that won voting is Minecraft! If you would like to play please leave a comment with your Minecraft ID and any contact information that could be useful; chat alias, steam name anything that lets PC players get a hold of you. Festivities begin...
  • Forum Post: XBOX - Frag Fest 8 Thread

    Bienvenidos and and Welcome to Frag Fest 8 on Xbox 360! The game is Gars of War 3! If you would like to play please leave a comment with your gamert a g and any information that could be useful; if you'll be joining late for instance. We are accepting offers for party leaders! None of the Frag Fest...
  • Forum Post: FragFest 8 Suggestion Thread

    As we do every month, here on the suggestion thread we're just going to open up the lines for everyone to throw out their suggestions for this month's event on Saturday the 24th... Please limit yourself to 3 suggestions. One for each platform (PC, PS3, 360) is ideal, but any choose any three...
  • Forum Post: Frag Fest 7 360 Attendees SIGN IN HERE PLZ

    FRAG FEST 7 XBOX 360 Details The FF7 event is for GTA4 on 360 , DLC isn't a must but is appreciated/expands your options. Attendees and leads will be listed here in the next update: GIO/XBL GROUP Lead: Fever Ray ~ Akbirdman Azirik ~ Azirik22 Alek389 ~ ALEK 389 toxicmischief ~ toxicmischief Vela4331...
  • Forum Post: Frag Fest 7 PSN 3 Attendees SIGN IN HERE PLZ!

    FRAG FEST 7 Playstation 3 Details List of Attendees for Uncharted 2 event: GIO/PSN Carson ~ killinskull - Group lead RegalReigel ~ humphre22 Gotta Go Faster ~ gotta_go_faster Frankm145 ~ FManiac197 sealsaa ~ sealsaa83 Bowldog24 ~ Bowldog bjdbuch ~ ? Festivities begin at 1 pm Pacific Time. IF we get a...
  • Forum Post: Re: FragFest 6: Sign Up Thread (Details inside)

    Looks like Reach for me.
  • Forum Post: FragFest 6: Sign Up Thread (Details inside)

    Voting for the July FragFest has come to a close. The community has spoken, and this month we will be gathering for... Halo: Reach on Xbox 360 & Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3 Team Fortress 2 on Steam Mark your calendars for THIS SATURDAY, July 30th. The event will begin as usual at 1:00PM PDT (that...
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