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Xbox 360

You like to feel like you're connected, and no system puts you in touch with your fellow gamers like the Xbox 360. But even if you haven't joined Xbox Live yet, this is the perfect place to come and catch up on the latest Microsoft news.


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  • Hey everyone,

    I just was curious how many other people downloaded the XBL version of the game. I am also curious if anyone has used the multiplayer portion of the game. I am excited to try it out but would like to hear your opinions on it. Personally I was a bit bummed that some of the features of it are missing. hopefully t will have some updates comin'

  • I got both ports of Minecraft. I'd like to tell you that the XBL version is great for newcomers. There is a tutorial and crafting is easy. The only difference between the Xbox version and pc version is that the Xbox version is behind a few updates/patches. But I am sure that they will add everything necessary to get up to date with the pc version and more.

    The multilayer is fun. To play local (1-4) l you'll need an HDTV with an HDMI cable. The online multilayer is limited to friends. So you can't join strangers. You can make or join an online lobby with multiple people playing locally.

    Oh, and the Achievements (400 GS) are very fun and easy to do

  • Seems to me like the Minecraft on xbox is a pre beta version.  Textures are absolute crap, not all the building systems are available at all, still adding mobs that should have been there from the start.  We just got the damn sheers for the sheep and collecting leaf blocks.  There isn't any animal farming.  No random villages or villagers, castles, or pre built mines.  Just feels like half the game it should be.  I should have gone with the PC version and added some texture packs and other mods.  would be much more interesting.



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