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You love moving and shaking. After all, playing with a normal controller just sounds boring. Come on in and meet up with other gamers who like throwing remotes around.

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  • Forum Post: Water Warfare

    The Wiiware game is probably dead, but uf you still play it feel free to post friend codes here to play Online. FOr those of you whom have no idea what water warfare is it is a First-Person Soak.... Here just see for yourself Its 8 dollars and a nice trip away from the Generic Blood and Gore of most...
  • Forum Post: Final Smashes

    We all know that Final Smashes are the best items that are in the game. They get on other people's nerves and they also are really fun to use. So...I want to know which character has the best final smash. My pick would be either Wolf, Fox, or Falco's final smash, the landmaster, because it pretty...
  • Forum Post: Super Smash Bros Brawl Records.

    Is there anything that you did in SSBB that impressed you. Did you get a really high score on the home-run derby. Did you beat target-smash in record timing. Well here is your chance to brag about anything that you feel is worthy to post here. Here is were you can display your records and achievements...
  • Forum Post: The WiiWare corner.

    Heres a place where we can talk about any WiiWare Games that look good on the horizon. I have just played a couple of demos for upcoming WiiWare Games and out of all of them, FFCC: My Life As A Darklord looks cool. It has a fun concept and who dosn't like "Castle Defense" games. The Tales...
  • Forum Post: Best Item in Super Smash Series

    I just got SSBB (I know, I am a little late, I just got my Wii.) I want to know, out of all the super smash bros games, what do you think is the best item. I personally think that the heart capsules are the best. They provide an awesome health boost. What do you think? P.S. Besides Smash Ball for the...
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