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You like raw power. You love playing the hottest looking games on the most powerful system out there, and you can't imagine watching a movie that isn't on Blu-ray. That's why you bought a PlayStation 3 in the first place, and that's why you're here.

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    I have a few regrets lets start with ones I regretted buying! Buying: BLACKS OPS 2 - bought once, sold,bought again, sold! Brink - If you heard of this you SHOULD already know why! Selling (IMO these are games that should NEVER be sold): *Also note these have been/will be re-bought Red Dead Redemption...
  • Forum Post: The Last of Us Trophies

    According to Gamesradar, here are the games trophies. Don't worry about spoilers because they aren't any.
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    The online community for TW2 is deader than a doorknob, but I still have a few more trophies to get on the way to platinum. So the question is, does anybody have it? And if so, are you up for helping a fellow GIOer with some multiplayer?
  • Forum Post: BioShock: Infinite Trophies

    These are actually the achievements but since they are the same it doesn't really matter. All you have to do is add in the Platinum Trophy to that list. I haven't looked at them because at the bottom it says something about "Spoilers".
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    Figured I'd get this started up! So what Platinum Trophies are you currently aiming towards? Which ones seem impossible or very difficult to earn? I currently completed my 4th Platinum with Dead Space. Finishing off on the highest difficulty, which took me about 10-12 hours ( counting deaths and...
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