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  • Sooo... I guess here we'll put videos of Minecraft-related stuff. For starters, a tour of our town.



    Horrendous quality, but that's because Hypercam isn't the best screen recorder to use for Minecraft. And I don't want to spend $30 bucks on Fraps. :P

  • Dude, that was the worst tourism video evar. Your texture pack with the rain made Stump Point look like a Nazi prison camp!

    Nice shout-out to my Underwater Mega Fortress, by the way. Someone needs to finish that... If the server starts working again.

  • The video quality isn't that bad, really.  I think it's the texture pack's color choice(which is depressing) that makes it seem bad quality.

    I might post a tour of my new month old singleplayer world later if I'm in the mood.  :)

  • The texture pack is awesome! It's based on Fallout..

    And about that.. Apperantly someone in my house removed Minecraft's forwarded port, AND changed the router's password. I'll see what I can do, but it might take a few days.

  • Here's that video tour of my singleplayer world!

    Also, download link is in the description.

  • This isn't my video, but it's a great piece seriously worth watching:

    Rocket pigs?   Madness!

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