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Are you a fan of Samus Aran and her battles against the evil Space Pirates and head-sucking Metroids? If so, then you've come to the right place!

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  • Forum Post: Most Hated Enemy Type?

    Yep, there are many different enemies in the Metroid games, what type did you hate the most?
  • Forum Post: Who would be the best Samus?

    Time to use your imaginations. Say someone was doing a Metroid movie. The CGI is spot-on with the creatures. They got the right people to adapt a story. Everything you see in the trailers is pointing to the promised game movie. There is a point where Samus takes off her helmet. Who is it?
  • Forum Post: The Music of Metroid

    If you're here, then you probably know Metroid is known for having some of the greatest music in video games. So heres a thread for you to post/discuss the music from the series.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Metroid Moments

    Is there a moment in the series that stands out particularly clearly in your mind? Maybe it was a particularly awesome boss fight, maybe it was a near-unobtainable energy tank, or maybe you had a personal experience within one of the games that you will always remember? Reminisce below.
  • Forum Post: Metroid Multiplayer

    Do have any ideas about how A good multiplayer mode could be implemented in the next Metroid? Are you a fan of the Multiplayer in Echos or Hunters? if so, let us know below.
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