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Do you like Star Wars? are you a megafan who feels strongly about a particular movie or character? or are you just into the starfighters and lightsabers?. Whatever category you fall into, you'll find something here.

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  • Forum Post: Your Favorite Star Wars Parodies

    With as many fans as Star Wars has, it's not surprising that a few feel the need to express their dedication in some......Interesting ways. Cue the hundreds of videos that seek to take a piece of Wars lore, and make it into something unique. While most are good, some rise to the top of parody greatness...
  • Forum Post: Star Wars Actors: Your Favorite

    Pretty simple. Out of the many actors that contributed to the saga, who was the best? It could be one of the major stars, or someone who had a total of five seconds of screen time. (PS: If you say Hayden Christensen, or Natalie Portman; you're out of the group)
  • Forum Post: How would you handle Star Wars 1313?

    If you were in charge of this new project, how would you play it? Perhaps you would cut down on the Lightsabers, or leave the Jedi out entirely. Maybe you could throw in some RPG elements, and create a loot system. How about just changing the name? I just know LucasArts is listening, so let your voice...
  • Forum Post: Star Wars Fan Events

    Have you attended a fan event? Celebrations 1-5 (20%) Celebration Europe (20%) Celebration Japan (0%) Star Wars Fan Days (anywhere) (0%) Star Wars Weekends (Disney World) (0%) A Star Wars movie showing (0%) A Star Wars themed concert (0%) I have never been to a fan event (sigh) (60%) Total Votes: 5
  • Forum Post: How Would You Change Star Wars?

    Imagine you're George Lucas - wait, bad idea. Okay. We all know Star Wars is great, but it has seen it's fair share of galaxy sized missteps. To name every one would take forever, so you're challenge is this: choose one way to improve Star Wars. It could be as simple as firing Hayden Christensen...
  • Forum Post: The Star Wars Trivia Contest

    This is a Star Wars themed guessing game a la "The Movie Game" of forum fame. The Rules: 1: Keep it Star Wars and restrict questions to people/entities or planets/places 2: Make it obscure but not impossible. Nothing that is easily Wookied 3: For every right answer, you receive a point and...
  • Forum Post: Battlefront 2 is still Alive

    With all the talk about a new game, It's easy to forget that there is a awesome Star Wars gaming experience still to be had: Battlefront 2. Sure, the graphics are quite dated by today's standards, and the controls are less then perfect, but It's a Star Wars online shooter and that's something...
  • Forum Post: Star Wars 1313 Opinions

    Is Star Wars 1313 a good title? Yes (66.7%) No (33.3%) Total Votes: 9
  • Forum Post: The Eras of Star Wars

    The Star Wars eras The Old Republic (14.3%) Rise of the Empire (14.3%) Rebellion (0%) New Republic (0%) Jedi Order (0%) Legacy (71.4%) Total Votes: 7
  • Forum Post: Re: Your Favorite Star Wars Video Game(s)

    Battlefront was an obsession, but I'd have to say that Jedi Knight was my favorite series. It had a great story, epic Lightsaber fights, and Klye Katarn is still the most bad*ss Star Wars hero around.
  • Forum Post: Re: What Planet Would You Live On?

    Nar Shaddaa. It may be a hive of scum and villainy, but it sure is fun!.
  • Forum Post: Your Ideal Star Wars Pet

    What if you were on Coruscant for a day, what would you do? You could tour the Jedi Temple or catch a senatorial debate, but that's boring. The answer is obvious: you'd stop by the local wildlife market, and grab yourself a pet! Whatever your looking for, you'll find it here. Be warned though...
  • Forum Post: Your Faction of Choice

    Choose a faction: The Galactic Empire (0%) The Rebellion (0%) The Jedi Order (13.3%) The Sith (20%) The Grand Army of the Republic (6.7%) The Confederacy of Independent Systems (6.7%) The Galactic Alliance (0%) The Imperial Remnant (6.7%) Yuuzhan Vong (0%) Black Sun (0%) The Bounty Hunters Guild (40...
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