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Do you like Star Wars? are you a megafan who feels strongly about a particular movie or character? or are you just into the starfighters and lightsabers?. Whatever category you fall into, you'll find something here.

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  • Forum Post: Star Wars 1313 Opinions

    Here's the article originally posted on GIO The rumors were true. Lucasfilm today announced Star Wars 1313, a new, internally developed game in the Star Wars series. Described as a "third person cinematic action adventure," players take control of an unnamed bounty hunter as they explore...
  • Forum Post: Re: What Planet Would You Live On?

    Darth-Carbonite: Taris: a retro Coruscant. Good pick. Watch out for the Rakghouls though:( Or, Coruscant: A modern Taris.
  • Forum Post: The Eras of Star Wars

    The timeline of Star Wars is split up into six distinct eras, covering everything from the Rakatan infinite Empire and the dawn of space flight, to The New Sith Order and the exploits of Cade Skywalker. Below, I've listed the eras in chronological order along with significant events that occurred...
  • Forum Post: Re: What Planet Would You Live On?

    Commander Shepard: Coruscant, all the way. I've always marveled at the skylines of the planet; It still amazes me to this day. Yeah, I've always liked it a lot too. It's in my top five.
  • Forum Post: What Planet Would You Live On?

    What Planet would you live on? I would make a poll, but there are 460 planets. I like a lot of them but, I would live on Korriban. I've just always liked it, for its Sith style and such...
  • Forum Post: Your Ideal Star Wars Pet

    What if you were on Coruscant for a day, what would you do? You could tour the Jedi Temple or catch a senatorial debate, but that's boring. The answer is obvious: you'd stop by the local wildlife market, and grab yourself a pet! Whatever your looking for, you'll find it here. Be warned though...
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