First up, we have an official statement from Producer Bryan Burk regarding Episode Seven's film schedule:

"We're progressing on a schedule to hopefully begin next year, or the beginning of next year, and the location is still kind of floating around in the air all depending on script and a whole bunch of other issues," Burk told Collider. "As I just said, everything is kind of a free-flowing thing, and when we feel like the story level on this script and everything is really coming together and schedules are all working and pieces line up, we prowl ahead, and Star Wars will be no different."

Next, Dave Filoni has posted one of his famous doodles on Facebook, along with these cryptic words:

"It’s hard to believe that I have worked at Lucasfilm almost eight years, and this is the first time I have ever gotten to draw a TIE fighter."

 It's safe to assume, especially given the specific phrasing, this means Filoni is referring to drawing a TIE Fighter in an official capacity for Lucasfilm, as part of his actual job, since he obviously could have drawn one on his own at any point in those eight years. Could this have something to do with his new project?

And lastly, LEGO Star Wars will soon return to Cartoon Network with The Yoda Chronicles, a new Star Wars story told in three animated specials.

Set in the prequel era, "The Phantom Clone" centers on Jedi Master Yoda and a fresh class of Padawans who set out to stop Darth Sidious and his minions from creating a new super-weapon that could crush the Republic. The special will also introduce Jek 14, an all-new original clone character who has been "enhanced" by the Force. The Simpsons' Michael Price wrote the script.

The first 30-minute special titled "The Phantom Clone" will premiere on Wednesday, May 29 at 8pm ET/PT on CN, with the second and third installments airing later this year.