We can now add one more Star Wars project to the growing list of things Disney has cancelled.....Maybe. TheForce.net reported earlier today on a few mysterious pages that showed up on the IMDb message boards. They seemed to be part of a concept script for a new animated movie or series entitled

"Star Wars: Reclamation"

According to the poster, (who claims to be an ex-Lucasfilm employee, who lost their job in the recent layoffs) the show was given the green light in January, but ceased development when the layoffs hit.

You can check out the pages the employee posted below.

There's a chance that this is the in-development Star Wars animated series led by Clone Wars' showrunner Dave Filoni. It could also be an entirely original show that's still in the pipeline at Disney. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that Reclamation is a total work of fan fiction. It is, after all, from a completely unknown source, and there's zero proof that the user was a Lucasfilm employee.

What do you think? Could this be the project we're looking for?