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This is the place for everything Batman. From comics, to movies, to, of course games. Come here to discuss anything that has to do with the Dark Night

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  • Forum Post: Re: What was your first experience with the Dark Knight?

    Mine was getting the comic The Untold Legend of the Batman #2 out of a cereal box. I made my grandma buy the cereal because it had a Batman comic in it. This is also one of the few comics that I've managed to hold on throughout my life so far, and not rebuy. Edit: Added link.
  • Forum Post: Batman in Television

    Welcome to the "Batman in Television" discussion thread! This thread was originally created to discuss Batman the Animated Series, but has since grown to discuss any of Batman's broadcasted adventures, as well as any movies to come out of them. So, what's your favorite show? What's...
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