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Looking for a survival Horror group? I was as well. Looking to reminisce about such classics as Eternal darkness, Resident Evil and Silent Hill? Why am I asking so many questions? Well then this is the group for you my friend!

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    maxiboy77: You know what!! A Suffering 3 and Doom 4 would be great. Imagine them with today's graphics man!!! Same here with the Suffering, it didn't get enough credit for just how good it was. I kinda stopped caring about Doom after 3, but I'd like them to kind of reinvent the series to...
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    Resident Evil looks like a wonderful series to get invested in, but I don't know where to begin! I want to start from the beginning, but I'm not sure if I want to. I'm not worried about graphics, but I'm worried about pace. I was watching SSoHPKC's walkthrough of Resident Evil 2,...
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    Okay, I've been meaning to get one of these out to you all but I've been sporadically busy with commissions and world dominatrix...never mind...I've been busy d@mn it. Horror Survival (<--see that Aaron?) is full of scary and terrifying moments. It's the nature of...
  • Forum Post: Re: It's A Poll Kind of Thing

    Resident Evil and this guy. If we're talking about first times, I can't really say much more because back then my child like mind was never able to get past him. Both because of fear and I just wasn't very good at the game.