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Community Playdate: Monster Hunter Tri

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  • If you've recently tried to hop into an online game of Monster Hunter Tri, you've probably noticed some problems. With the impending closure of the servers in April, hunters seem to be drowning their sorrows in virtual brews, and talking about the meaning of life instead of battling dragons. 

    I'm here to change that. 

    What I can offer you is this: a hunter at rank 93 capable of taking on Alatreon in Barioth+ armor, because, well, to heck with the fact that I’m bringing armor meant for ice attacks and the cold to a fight in a volcano.

    Aztranor, another veteran hunter, will also be there to sleep-bomb Jho. He once killed Jho in less than three minutes. It may have been a glitch, but we’re as good at hunting monsters as Minnesota is at getting cold!  

    If any of the previous paragraphs make sense to you, join us! If none of it makes sense, or your hunter rank is five and giant insects routinely defeat you in mortal combat, join us! As someone who jumped into the original game without any idea of what was in store (the box art looked cool), the help from the veteran hunters was of paramount importance.

    We’ll be there for those who want to tackle tough monsters to acquire a powerful weapon – and we’ll also be there if you need to take down your first Barioth (because that cat had it coming. Seriously – I just wanted to pet a giant cat, and then all of a sudden he thought I was dinner). 

    Leave your hunter’s name or ID in the comments below. We’ll find you through the in-game search, team up, and get to it. I’ll check this post regularly so I don’t miss any of you, can prepare for hunts better, and share stories from what should be an intense night of hunting.

    I'll log on at 6 p.m. central time on Saturday, February 2. That is 7 p.m. for those on the east coast. 

    Before then, prepare to bring down some monsters… and then wear them.

    Extra hunter note: Please leave feedback, and what games you would like to play next. As of right now, Halo 4 is in the cards, but we can do anything from Team Fortress 2 on PC (a Kayla Herrera favorite), to Hero Academy, or FIFA 13. 

    See you on Saturday!

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  • I'll be joining in Sunday. My online name on there is Jason. I don't remember my HR but it should be HR 100+. I'll be in Uraggan+ armor or Barioth+ gunner armor.

  • I'll add you and try to jump on Sunday as well.

  • Oh whoops, sorry, meant Saturday, not Sunday. No way I'll be able to get on Sunday, but Today, for sure I can get on.

  • Perfect. See you then!

  • For those who need to add me, my name is Louis on Tri.

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