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MH3U Start Up Gear!

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  • Hello fellow Hunters!


    I would like to get some feedback on what everyone is most excited to use in MH3U. Many of these weapons are returns from the PSP versions of the game with the addition of the Switch Axe from Tri. Some of these weapons may be completely new to some players or it will feel like catching up with an old friend after a few years. Regardless, fighting under water with a few of them will be a unique experience for all and I am sure all of these weapons will pack a punch!


    In the comments let me know your reasoning for choosing the weapons, and anything else you want to discuss about the weapon types in MH3U! If you can't choose just one, just comment about your runner ups!

    Which weapon type do you plan on upgrading and mastering first!?

    • Sword and Shield (0%)
    • Dual Blades (14.3%)
    • Long Sword (0%)
    • Great Sword (28.6%)
    • Hammer (14.3%)
    • Hunting Horn (0%)
    • Lance (0%)
    • Gunlance (14.3%)
    • Switch Axe (28.6%)
    • Light Bowgun (0%)
    • Heavy Bowgun (0%)
    • Bow (0%)
    • Total Votes: 7
  • Well Currently I'm using the Gunlance and love it! It has the same attacks as the lance but you can fire a bullet for a little extra punch. I think I'll stick with it, but I may also go with the dual blades, and in multiplayer I would like to use the bow. Also as a side note,in 3g they start you off with the low end of each weapon so you can try them all out if you aren't sure :)

  • Hey LGAR, I heard a rumor they were doing that for MH3U as well, could be just a rumor though. Would be nice to start off with the basic bone weapon of each weapon type so you can get a feel for them all. I didn't like having to "unlock" the LongSword in Tri, didn't seem right. I guess I should make a vote too eh.

    So I chose Switch Axe mainly because I didn't show these weapons any love when Tri came out, too stubborn to learn a new weapon. So I plan on giving the Switch Axe a lot of my time. Honorable mentions go to the Bow (it was mistake to ever get rid of it), Dual Blades (want to see how these guys work under water), and my all time favorite the Great Sword.

  • I would be very surprised if they didn't. 3G is what 3U is in Japan. In the 3ds version of 3g they started you off with the weapons and leather armor.  When I did my import Review I used the Dual sword. I want to say you have 0 blocking ability, but you can move very very easy. Very weak too, but again very fast.

  • I was pretty awesome at the hammer in Tri and it probably won't change in 3U. Although I was decent in all weapon classes, I'm gonna also probably make dual swords, bow, Sword and Sheild, and Long Sword my main too.

  • I've never played an MH game to really know what the weapons are all about, but if my experience with other games tells me anything, I'll be going with dual blades because I like speed and crit.  Am I in the ballpark on that one?

  • There is a different type of crit in this game, it is called affinity I believe, and its a percent chance that your strike does 30% extra damage, not the usual double damage? Dual blades are definitely fast but they sacrifice blocking so be warned!  They are excellent at spamming elemental damage.

  • With the weapons being returns does that mean they will be getting rid of bow gun parts? I know most games you just pick from Light, Heavy, or Medium versions, but in Tri you actually put together the barrel, stock, and frame. I really hope they get rid of that as I didn't much care for the mixing and matching of parts.

  • I don't think they will get rid of that, I have never been a fan of the bow guns, but the Bows are really cool. Also, by returns I only mean the Gunlance, Bow, Dual Blade and Hunting Horn that were in the PSP version and not in tri, are now in 3 ultimate.

    @Hawke: sounds about right to me.

  • @NoMoreHeroes  The bowguns are here to stay. But they come already done, so no more putting it together. You can however put modification parts on it, such as having longer range or a silencer so you don't alert monsters of your presence.

  • I'll be using the great sword. Big, strong, and great for messing with people.

  • @NoMoreHeroes The bowguns are really good for multiplayer. In my experience in Tri, whenever I had a Gunner in the party the Hunt would go smoothly. I find it to be more of a suppoter than an offensive tank.

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