The Game Informer Online Bronies member group was created in 2011 by Mray901. He created the group in hopes of reaching out to bronies, AKA My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fans, all across In just a few months, the member group became something he never expected: a bustling community with dozens of friendly and talented members. 

As the group went on, it steadily became bigger and better, with members contributing to the threads and activities constantly. As with anything, there were problems here and there, but it was overall considered a fine group by most of the members. This went on for two years.

In 2013, the group slowed down drastically, especially due to Mray mysteriously disappearing from Game Informer. Members were mostly communicating through Twitter, and the Game Informer website had been slammed by numerous bugs that were disheartening to those who still used the group regularly. This continued until 2014.

In 2014, the group forums had become completely broken. The average member could not even look at the forum threads without getting an error message. This angered the group moderators, and they teamed up with each other to bring the group back to its regular self. 

On Friday, February 28, 2014, the group was revived. The forum threads were moved to a working forum, and new rules and a new tour were created to better fit this new idea of the group. In less than a week, this had become rather successful, bringing back older members and garnering far more activity than it had in years.