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Issues watching Replay video

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  • So far I've run into this issue with one video, but it's a bit of a big one for me.

    I've watched 11 of the 12 episodes for the Super Replay for Mega Man Legends (I'm late to the party, I know, but I'm a Game Design student and try to spread these things out). When I tried to watch the 12th episode a few days ago, it reported that my access was denied. Realizing I wasn't signed in at the time, I figured that was the issue, but after signing in I continued to get a similar error screen except this time it told me I didn't have enough points to view the content.

    If the final video in the series is supposed to be gated to higher ranked site members it would be nice to see that posted somewhere, but I doubt that's the case since so many people watched it when it initially came out; my guess is the recent site revamped screwed up something in the tagging system for that particular page. I'm not in a huge rush to watch the final episode, but I was definitely enjoying the rest of that Super Replay (Note: the Replay/Super Replay series is my favorite thing on the site, which is saying something considering how much I love the rest of the content).


    Josh Neiman

  • Ditto

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