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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

G. I. Behind the Scene

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  • Unlimited was a great addition to content yet we eager readers are hungry for more.  I would like to see more of what it takes to get an issue into my mail box.  Post some clips of reviewers flipping out on a game that they have to review.  Learn about who gets what games to review, does it cause some arguments or agreements (you can review this if I can do that).  Show us some of the gold that readers send in after a Sacred Cow or game Infarcer. 

    Just a few Ideas.  Any other things you would like to see?

  • You should be pleasantly surprised by some of the things we have in store.  Don't forget, after the Mickey/redesign issue, we have issue #200....

    Also, our guys here are very eager to have the coolest, most informative blogs possible, so keeping an eye on Editor Blogs will give you some great insights into our office.

    Also, Unlimited is not dead, subscribers will start to see more exclusive content as the site continues to grow.

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