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The ps4 seal on the box

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  • I hope you guys can give me some feed back on this, I'm sure it has been talked about before but I can't find any threads on it here. So my wife bought me a ps4 for our anniversary and naturally I was excited and wanted to hook it up right away, until I found out she got it at a gamestop! Even after telling her several times not yo buy anything from them I just don't like there business practices. So I start to turn the box so that the front faces me to open that good ol seal to my surprise, maybe not so much of a surprise, it had a blue seal with a ps logo on it I start to peel it back and it comes off pretty easy with out leaving a mark that it has been open until I get to that flap that you have to pull out. I noticed that it had another clear seal, one that I'm used to seeing instead of that blue seal and realized that the original clear seal was already cut open. So I start thinking these ppl sold my wife a refurb or used console, both IMO are the same, at full price! I call them and they guy says I assure you it's brand new Sony sent it yo them like that so I would have to call them. I hot pissed told him I bought it at your store it's your problem, anyway long story short they xtended my arrant to 2 yrs I've checked the void seals on the console and reported it to Sony. My question is have any of you been through that? If Sony did ship it like that why would they creat a tense moment like that? I mean it's like buying a bottle of Pepsi with the seal broken and Pepsi just slaps on another seal and expect you yo buy it and not question it. So is this a gamestop thing or Sony?
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