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January issue not working on iPad

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  • I downloaded the new issue on my up to date iPad but it won't open it just sits and thinks about opening. Any help?

  • Well I dont think January is out yet. The Magazine cover hasnt been shown yet and it wont be revealed until Tuesday. So I think once the Magazine releases you can update it and read it. If this isnt the only month that hasnt worked, I recommend to stop trying because there has to be a problem with your App.

    Just wait until Tuesday then see what happens.

  • I've just had the same thing happen with the latest (june) issue.

    It appeared, available for download. I downloaded it, and it just sits there, taunting me as it tries to open (note: it doesn't).

    I'm scared to delete it as I buy (currently at least) on an issue by issue basis, and don't want to risk having to pay for it again if it's not tied to my iTunes account (which i'm presuming it is, but again - don't want to chance it).

    Can't wait to read this issue, it's SO frustrating not being able to do so. It's been a good 4 or 5 days now since downloading it. Still waiting...

    Any ideas? Or is it like Dawson said below, sit and wait?

    All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.

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